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Romance / Re: She May Be a Good Girl on Some Sides But Not A Virgin by iRepNaija1: 1:51am On Aug 11

Thunder r@pe your papa dead d!ck...

You will be broke and wretched for the rest of your miserable life because you're stuck in that backward country. Stupid fool.
Romance / Re: Please I want to find out, dating ,sleeping and marrying a 19 years old girl by iRepNaija1: 1:47am On Aug 11
am happy my father married my mother, not a product of one night stand like you!

And you can't read. Didn't say anything about a marriage between your mother and father. But he clearly married her because she wound up pregnant with your unfortunate self.
Romance / Re: Please I want to find out, dating ,sleeping and marrying a 19 years old girl by iRepNaija1: 1:44am On Aug 11
You lack wisdom

And you lack money. That's why you're on NL every day.

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Romance / Re: She May Be a Good Girl on Some Sides But Not A Virgin by iRepNaija1: 8:30pm On Aug 07

silly simp... Why are ladies looking for things they dont have?

They are broke but they are looking for rich and successful men..

Why do some men act like they're entitled to everything? Calling me a simp doesn't do anything to me. You just sound like an ignorant fool who can only say these things behind a computer screen. Go talk to your mother about it. Stupid fool.

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Romance / Re: Please I want to find out, dating ,sleeping and marrying a 19 years old girl by iRepNaija1: 8:25pm On Aug 07
story! How old was kanu nwakwo's wife when kanu married her!

Sorry, how old was your mother when she married your father? Get out.
Romance / Re: Please I want to find out, dating ,sleeping and marrying a 19 years old girl by iRepNaija1: 8:24pm On Aug 07

Never ever follow this advice, if you need peace of mind and want to enjoy your marriage longer, marry a younger partner between 5 - 10 years below your age

I don't need advice from a stranger from the internet. Keep your nonsense advice to yourself.
Romance / Re: Please I want to find out, dating ,sleeping and marrying a 19 years old girl by iRepNaija1: 8:10pm On Aug 06
Disgusting. If you have to ask, maybe you should stay away and find someone your own age.
Romance / Re: She May Be a Good Girl on Some Sides But Not A Virgin by iRepNaija1: 8:02pm On Aug 06

Bros, Virginity is a thing for ladies to keep and NEVER for Guys!

The more Pussies a Guy fvcks, the more his worth and respect increase!

While the more Diccks a lady fvcks, the LESS her worth and honor as a woman!

Even in Animal kingdom, a Randy Male dog who Bleep indiscriminately, still retains his respect.

But a Bitch who gets fuccked by all the neighbourhood dogs is spat at and Hated!

Shut the hell up. You sound like a damn fool.
Romance / Re: She May Be a Good Girl on Some Sides But Not A Virgin by iRepNaija1: 2:44pm On Jul 30
OP, I don't get it. Are you a virgin? Your post makes it seem like you're entitled to one and I'm not really sure why. Don't demand something that you yourself cannot provide.
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie Wife, May Speaks On Her Battle With Depression by iRepNaija1: 7:35pm On Jul 20
Then she should divorce him.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jennifer Lopez Marries Ben Affleck, Her 4th Husband, Changes Last Name [pix] by iRepNaija1: 7:28pm On Jul 18

W h A t i S d I s grin grin

What? He's the one who left her.
Romance / Re: Your House Is Burning Save One Thing; #50million, Child, Wife Or Certificate? by iRepNaija1: 8:24pm On Jul 17
We dont pray for accidents or misfortune in life but sometimes unforseen or unexpectedly events can happen and which can change life or turn things around.
So peradventure you are coming from work & your house is on fire and no fire extinguisher around to quench the fire and the blaze is increasing and spreading by the minute. If you are to take only one thing as a man out of the house quickly and safely which of this will you pick?

1) your #50million in a safe.

50 million what though? Dollars? Naira? Rupees? Not all currencies are the same worth.

2) your wife.

See number 4.

3) your certifate and credentials.

You should already have electronic copies of all credentials and certificates anyway.

4) your child.

Child first. Parents, who have lived much longer than their child, should understand and be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. I would expect my spouse to do the same.

If you are to save only one thing out of your house what will you safe? Choose carefully and wisely!
Politics / Re: Chukwuemeka Ihedioha Graduates With First Class From Warwick University by iRepNaija1: 8:02pm On Jul 14


Tinubu worked for Deloitte and Mobil.
If he hadn't done anything else in life, his children would comfortably have attended foreign universities.

I know you are Eboe.

That's how many of you reason.

Only Eboes are good, everyone else is bad.

Romance / Re: Some Undergraduate Ladies And Misplace Priorities...should I Block Her. by iRepNaija1: 7:59pm On Jul 14

Please read the post again this time a lil bit slowly...thanks

Oh, how cute, questioning my reading comprehension so you can insult me. Reading your post once was more than enough, thanks. I still stand by what I said. You should've stayed at a hotel but it's clear you're too broke to do that. And then you decided to come nairaland to get validation for your poor decision-making, poor planning, and call out a woman you barely know who did exactly what she offered: gave you accommodation. Clap for yourself.
Romance / Re: Some Undergraduate Ladies And Misplace Priorities...should I Block Her. by iRepNaija1: 4:33pm On Jul 14
OP, you should've stayed at a hotel. Both you and this lady are barely acquaintances but already had expectations of each other (you expecting her to cook and her expecting you to give her money).

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Romance / Re: See What A Lady Sent To Me Just Because I Didn't Call Her For 3 Days by iRepNaija1: 12:53am On Jul 08
Her response is a bit overdramatic but she has a point. Why would you wait four days to contact someone? You're clearly not that interested. Be honest and move on.


Romance / Re: Help!!! My Father Is A Bloody SIMP by iRepNaija1: 6:06pm On Jul 06
I have never seen a man that is controlled by his wife like my dad.
To the point if my mom does something wrong, he will cover up for her and apologize to her. The thing dey vex me
My mum is a master manipulator, and my dad is a very terrible simp.

She shouts at him and sometimes disrespect him infront of us but he will do nothing.
I had an altercation with my mum last night and my father without hearing my own side of the story decided to side my mum.
And said i should kneel down to her and apologize.

I told him to his face that over my dead body will never do that.
Out of anger i told him that age dosent mean wisdom that as old as he is.
That him being my father dosent mean he is wiser than me.
I told him that He is still being used like tool by my mum. And can't realize this

It didn't go well
He hasn't spoken to me throughout today

You need to leave your parents' house. For you to open your mouth and speak this boldly because you feel grown and know enough, then go be on your own and be a grown adult. Abeg.
Romance / Re: The Wahala and Chaos Of Female Nature by iRepNaija1: 5:55pm On Jul 06

E pain you so..

No, you're just an idiot who doesn't want to listen.
Religion / Re: Anytime I Pick Up My Bible To Read , I Always Feel Sleepy by iRepNaija1: 3:52pm On Jun 26
OP, first, calm down. No need to be disturbed because It's not that deep. Some people here are not willing to admit it but the Bible is not the most exciting read. But there are things you can do to make it easier to manage:

1) Which version of the Bible are you using? King James Version (KJV)? Revised Standard Version (RSV)? The New International Version (NIV)? Some may not think it matters but it does. In my opinion, KJV is very difficult to get through because, although it's a literal translation, it uses outdated English that no one uses in regular conversation, let alone normally reads. The NIV was specifically created to use modern-day English, makes the lessons and stories in the Bible easier to understand, and remains close to the original translation.

2) Try one chapter a day/ a week/ every two weeks instead of multiple in one sitting. It may take longer to get through the Bible in its entirety but doing one chapter a week, I think, keeps you more focused. It's easier to maintain your attention if you know you're only dedicating 30 minutes a week vs 2 hours.

3) Consider buying a bible study guide. There are so many on the market (e.g. 52-week guide, men's guide, women's guide, teen's guide, young children's guide, etc.). These guides were specifically made to help a reader interpret and understand the bible a lot better, and understand the meaning and lessons behind stories they may have otherwise missed. If you have a bible guide with you, it may make the reading more enjoyable and engaging.

4) Journaling. You might want to consider using this method to record your own personal thoughts and feelings about each chapter you read. How you feel about the bible now versus 10 years from now when you see your past journal entries can be eye-opening, especially when we encounter different life experiences and challenges. It makes you more personally invested. If you do the journaling and study guide,

I would recommend reading the bible chapter, journaling, and then reading the guide so you can record your "raw" interpretation and see how close you were to the guide's explanation.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Romance / Re: Girls Please Try To Be Using Water To Wash Ur Bumbum Instead Of Tissue. by iRepNaija1: 9:35pm On Jun 25
Everyone should be washing their behind. This is not exclusive to women, especially in this naija heat.
Romance / Re: Ghosting Gone Wrong by iRepNaija1: 1:58am On Jun 25
OP, can you blame the guy for not contacting you anymore? You told him to his face that you didn't enjoy his company and that he shouldn't bother coming by for a second visit. It's good that you were honest with him but the fact that you were expecting him to still contact you afterward seems weird.

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Romance / Re: How do i solve this case? by iRepNaija1: 1:56am On Jun 25
This is such a strange post. OP, no matter how old you get, you will always be your mother's child. How is she disrespecting you? I'm genuinely curious. Is she calling you names? Is she belittling you? Is she insulting you for living in the family compound and not on your own? It seems like she's asking you to do things around the house, just like any other parent would. And she be naija. All naija parents raise their voices when calling out for their children. Does this justify you 'disowning' your mother? Someone who bore you?

Abeg, you're living in your parents' house rent-free with meals and essential amenities provided. If she bothers you that much, just leave.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Of One Year Jokes That My Schlong Is Small by iRepNaija1: 6:48pm On Jun 24
I'm confused, OP. After you told her to stop, did your girlfriend continue to make those jokes? Your write-up doesn't specify that.
Romance / Re: The Wahala and Chaos Of Female Nature by iRepNaija1: 3:39pm On Jun 22

On the contrary, no one can harm me.let alone woman

I trust but never loose my guide...I have life experience enough not to be zombe

Please stop quoting me. I've already said what I said. Call yourself whatever you want but it's clear you have trust issues and you're going to punish future girlfriends and wives because of it. God help them.
Romance / Re: The Wahala and Chaos Of Female Nature by iRepNaija1: 1:42pm On Jun 21

Story for the god

So you expect me to trust people completely without guide my peace..... even woman for that matter

I hear

Let me bust your mind.. even female species don't trust themselves because most of them were confused about themselves...is that the individual you can rely on?

The very foundation for any relationship, romantic or platonic, is trust. If you cannot trust a person, then you shouldn't bother yourself being in any form of a relationship with them. It's obvious you need to work on that. You are not the only person who has been harmed by women. But if you carry that hurt into every interaction you have with women and God forbid, a relationship or marriage, you're only burdening yourself and the woman who did nothing to harm you.

Like I said, if you can't trust people, leave people alone, in particular women since you have such a terrible opinion of them.
Romance / Re: Help! I Am In A Relationship With A Big Manipulative Woman by iRepNaija1: 4:52pm On Jun 20
[quote author=DOWN2HeartLoved post=113986720][/quote]

I didn't realize it was that serious. Do you have access to your child at all? If so, you may want to consider ending whatever relationship you have with this woman, maintain a platonic relationship, and define a child arrangement schedule (for communication and visitation between the two of you). If she is not open to dialogue, then there's not much you can do except ensure that the both of you have equitable and open access to your child.
Romance / Re: Help! I Am In A Relationship With A Big Manipulative Woman by iRepNaija1: 3:07pm On Jun 20
OP, there are a lot of details missing in this story that strangers on the internet cannot help you parse through. The only person who can give you the answers you seek is your partner/mother of your child. You need to sit down and have an honest conversation with her. Address your concerns but avoid making baseless accusations (because all I've read are suspicions and not confirmations).

Keep your questions open-ended and your voice neutral so it does not seem like you're coming from a judgmental place. Tell her that honesty is the foundation of any relationship, that's all you're seeking, and she should be open with you about her life, especially since you both are permanently tied to each other because of your child. Good luck.

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Romance / Re: My Bestfriend Just Told Me He Forgave His Cheating Girlfriend by iRepNaija1: 3:02pm On Jun 20
OP, relationships are complicated and never follow a straight and narrow path. You might have your idea of what should take place in a relationship and your friend may have another idea. Just because someone is unfaithful does not mean the feelings (the love) just go away or it's easy to end a relationship, though many people still do despite the feelings. You ask, "what is love?" And from your write-up, you seem to have a pretty set idea of what is love or how people should conduct themselves in a romantic relationship. OP, love and respect are two separate things in a relationship. As I said, you can do or say terrible things to a person and the love, romantic or otherwise, can endure. It is the respect and trust that have been damaged here, and your friend and his girlfriend must work it out in their own way.

The point is, regardless of your personal feelings or opinions, your friend has made his decision and as his friend, you should support him. Do not give your opinion or advice when he hasn't asked for it.
Romance / Re: The Wahala and Chaos Of Female Nature by iRepNaija1: 1:02am On Jun 19

Let me speak for myself..I never hate woman
On the contrary, I did love them... (Just being on guide anyway).. You need to be on your toes to harm me

What op saying about them is correct

If you condone this kind of rhetoric, you hate women. At the very least, you distrust them because of your limited experience with just a handful of women. Regardless of whether you're a man or woman, If you're always suspecting a person will cause you harm, then you have deep-seated trust issues that you're taking out on potential partners who have done nothing to you.
Romance / Re: The Wahala and Chaos Of Female Nature by iRepNaija1: 12:29pm On Jun 17
OP, if you and all your followers hate women so much---which you clearly do, do not deny it---there are plenty of eligible men here on NL. Since you all love to circlejerk and hype each other up, all of you sound super compatible.

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Food / Re: How To Make Dough Braids For Breakfast (pictures & video) by iRepNaija1: 12:20pm On Jun 17

Bread is so expensive by the day now.
Women let's learn these skills to ease some cost burden off ourselves and our men.

Cooking is an adult skill everyone should learn, not just women.

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Entertainment / Re: Nigerian Mother Joined Her Daughter To Do The “kelly Bahdie Dance” (pictures) by iRepNaija1: 12:12pm On Jun 17
So many pedophiles in this thread. Disgusting.


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