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Family / Re: Official Family Section Poster Of The Year 2012 by Johndoe100(m): 4:57am On Dec 15, 2012
As usual with this board, things concerning certain people will be accommodated even if it means breaking, bending and even re-writing the rules. I find this shocking. Why hold a contest at all? Just choose who you want to crown.

Changing the rules for debrief is probably the final and most public confirmation of the total colonization of this board by the cabal. This is unbelievable. Mods, you do realize that if you change the rules to crown one person you loose whatever little credibility you have left don't you?


Family / Re: Divorced Single Mum But Getting Married Again. (please Advise) by Johndoe100(m): 4:24am On Dec 15, 2012
I must hand it to single mothers. A lot of us enjoyed our childhood, no day went by without my father buying me ice cream and spoiling me rotten cool.School fees were paid for in advance, accomodation well provided, pocket money i received, allowance for underwears nko? cooland then compare that to another child whose father never cared if his son/daughter had eaten breakfast or not, or brushed his teeth or wears pampers, or goes to school.

Hahahahahahahahahaha fantasies and dreams. The stuff poor children dream at night. I can see you still remember. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Family / Re: Man Dies While Sleeping With Neighbors Wife by Johndoe100(m): 4:06am On Dec 15, 2012
At least he went out with a bang


Family / Re: Are You Having A Hard Time Making Babies? by Johndoe100(m): 4:03am On Dec 15, 2012
Blazay: Mu he he he he he he

Yes, you would wouldn't you?
Politics / Re: Police To Lose Power To Prosecute Suspects by Johndoe100(m): 2:07am On Dec 14, 2012
0lumide: Oh my!! Nigerians!!!! This will further concentrate power in the hands of the FG!! This is bad for any democracy talkless of our corrupt democracy!

You all will be the sufferers of this shiiit y'all supporting now. It is a backyard way to gain power from the people who state governments represent more than the FG! FG is going to be in control of more power than before!!!

Did they drop you on your head when you were hatched? Let me educate you. The power to prosecute by the police was never absolute. The power was always delegated by the prosecuting authority. What they want to remove is the power of any delegating authority to delegate this to the police.
Politics / Re: 63 Arrested In Hunt For Abductors Of Okonjo-iweala's Mum by Johndoe100(m): 2:01am On Dec 14, 2012

She was indicted in the subsidy fraud now it is the cabal that are chasing her? lmao!!!!!!!!! Okonjo Iweala, release your mother.

Only an inbred Yoruba person can spew this kind of garbage.


Family / Re: Thank You All.. by Johndoe100(m): 1:58am On Dec 14, 2012
Kobojunkie: Your father is still having kids even though he is unable to take care of the ones he already has? shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked Are you sure you are ready to be helped?

So he should be held responsible for his fathers actions? Classic kobo SMH!!


Family / Re: Threat Of Kidnap In Lagos by Johndoe100(m): 1:45am On Dec 14, 2012

Thanks Scopy. One really needs to be able. I'm not surprised at d story though cos something similar happened to a friend recently. They were robbed.

Sorry, but did I miss a giant step in logic here? Someone is afraid for his life and he is not being truthful because he is shouting too much? I hope that is not what this post and the rubbish by Obinoscopy by means. Sometimes you people here behave as if you just dropped from Mars.
Family / Re: My Mother Inlaw by Johndoe100(m): 10:05am On Dec 11, 2012
debrief08: There is standing up for yourself and then there is outright rudeness and tantrums, An adult should be able to control their anger and not throw tantrums and throw someones food away, doing that gve the mother in law leverage, she could have stood her ground and made her clear point without the drama.
That is the only thing I am against. If she is not comfortable with the actions of her mother in law and her husbands reactions to the mother in laws action the sensible thing as an adult is to make your point clearly with drama and pretence not take someones food and throw away, that was reacting in the heat of anger.
Reacting in the heaat of anger is never good, it means when someone annoys you you can pick up something and hit them. If she had stayed calm, spoken to her husband and told her mother in law that the action was not acceptable to her it would have been different, even though I personally wouldn't make an issue about my husband being fed by his mom but I have a different kind of mother in law who loves and respects me and vice versa.
This is the problem with "enduring" even when you clearly don't like something, the dy you burst it is bad, so it is always better from day 1 to clearly state things you don't like to avoid explosive situations.

Sorry, no vex, but which MIL is this? Number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?


Family / Re: Top Ten Reason For Divorce In 2012 by Johndoe100(m): 9:58am On Dec 11, 2012
The major reason for divorce is called [size=20pt]WOMEN[/size]

They are the author off all divorces. If the woman is good the home lasts, if they are like the ones on this board what do I say, they have four, five six baby daddies.


Family / Re: Divorced Single Mum But Getting Married Again. (please Advise) by Johndoe100(m): 9:49am On Dec 11, 2012
Guitarlife: Heheheee get ready for this o. How do I confirm you are not the mum's last born which makes us colleagues huh ? You need to give us ample proof and stop calling me a 24 year old I'm 25 gaddamit. As per glo, we still dey arrange noni o. Great day.

How are you? Don't let these hags errrr..........ladies get you down. grin
Family / Re: Divorced Single Mum But Getting Married Again. (please Advise) by Johndoe100(m): 9:45am On Dec 11, 2012
By now you must have realized why that "your friend" (who by the way means you ill, believe me anyone who wished you well would have told you to avoid this board like the plague) pointed you in the direction of this board. This board is a place people come to ask for solutions and get convinced to break up their homes. You are new so I will pardon you. If you have an interest in your future, you will abandon these people and go live your life. The truth is I have become wary of people coming here to "seek advise". It is like a man who goes to a brothel to "consort" with prostitutes and meets a woman who says she is there because she just needed a hotel room for the night.

If you are for real - run away as fast as you can. I read some of the replies and I just shook my head. He is paying your bride price this month and you are here with the mistresses of divorce? Anyway they have told you already to call of the wedding, what does the man mean abi? Well I wish you the best, if you choose wisely you win a happy future, follow these hags and in a few more years you will join your sisters to be smiling the stooopid smiles they smile whenever they meet people like me and are trying to attract our attention.
Family / Re: Re: "Wife Is 50 while her husband is 34" by Johndoe100(m): 6:31am On Dec 11, 2012

My brother God bless you. Leave them let them keep calling me a liar. Those our girls that played the last U-17 world cup, how many of them are under 17?

My friend stop fantasizing. A 50 year old woman with a fifty year old kitty cannot be hidden. Only children and inexperienced youngsters can believe that kind of nonsense.
Business / Re: Convincing Your First Customer In Business by Johndoe100(m): 12:48pm On Dec 10, 2012
Young Mac, when I saw the title I thought you were going to advocate the boko haram style of business what is that? You give then a choice - buy or be bombed. It's called doing it the muzzie style.
Business / Re: Liberty Reserve OR Payza[alertpay] OR Paypal Account Owners:Let's Discuss Here by Johndoe100(m): 12:42pm On Dec 10, 2012
Darkhand is right about the Paypal account. The corporate account can be opened by any duly incorporated company. I am suprised though that you view this thread as yours. I thought you opened it so you "and others" could give advise? 3emember what I said in my first post here?

Why not let him be? The boy obviously views this as some sort of sales thread.
Webmasters / Re: Calling The Guru's And Experts Your Help Is Needed by Johndoe100(m): 11:46am On Dec 10, 2012
Thanks bro.
Family / Re: Re: "Wife Is 50 while her husband is 34" by Johndoe100(m): 8:28am On Dec 10, 2012
When he was fvucking her, he no fit tell say na old toto him de fvck? Abeg comot for road with all did fake stories. Anyone wey dey here wey don fvuck 45 year old puzzy go understand what I mean. The hair their is mostly grey, can you imagine it.

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Business / Re: Liberty Reserve OR Payza[alertpay] OR Paypal Account Owners:Let's Discuss Here by Johndoe100(m): 12:25am On Dec 09, 2012
I thought you don't want links? Your signature is what? How credible is what you are going to tell the posters when it's the same info that you sell? Are you not just going to mislead them so they have no choice other than to pay you?
Politics / Re: My Brother’s Death Too Painful To Bear, Says Jonathan by Johndoe100(m): 11:52pm On Dec 08, 2012
We feel your pain. May he rest in peace.
Family / Re: Wife Wants To Meet An Uncle In A Hotel For Cheque To Meet Her Deposit Target by Johndoe100(m): 11:09pm On Dec 08, 2012
Nice to see an honest exchange of opinions here.
Webmasters / Re: Calling The Guru's And Experts Your Help Is Needed by Johndoe100(m): 6:28pm On Dec 08, 2012
pc guru: First of all you failed to mention what Blog platform Wordpress, or which ? so we can't tell unless you state that

Wordpress is the platform.
Webmasters / Calling The Guru's And Experts Your Help Is Needed by Johndoe100(m): 1:32pm On Dec 08, 2012

I have a blog and the theme shows too many posts on the front page. I need to reduce the number of posts per page. I need a workable solution. I have done a "google" search and got some code to change the index.php file. It only worked while I was logged in as admin. Once I logged out the number of posts went back to what it was before.

Any help, is appreciated.
Family / Re: Meeting Divorced People For Marriage Advice :. Is It Reasonable? by Johndoe100(m): 10:45am On Dec 05, 2012
When I read this I had to laugh. This sounds like a threat. Aunty debrief, what exactly do you think you can do? I don't normally do this but I can't sit and watch a brother intimidated, so I am calling you out. Whatever, you think you can do, I dey kamkpe. Put up or shut the eff up. Are you not a paid up member of the cabal?

@ Topic,
How can you ask a divorcee for advice? They will only tell you how to join them in their vale of tears. I mean, is that not what debrief does? However I really do wish the OP would get ALL his/her/it's advice or tuition from divorcees. Do you know that there was a time that divorcees where not welcome in polite society. Decent people were ashamed to be seen with divorcees.

debrief08: Guiterman, are you okay? Are you sane? I normally would ignore you but even for someone as docile as me you have crossed a line.
Don't do this again. I am not an idi-ot, I am not a child, I am not silly, I will tke a lot but I won't take this. I won't say anymore again but I ask you not to repeat this again.
Family / Re: Pls Help!!!! His Big joystick is Destroying His Marriage by Johndoe100(m): 12:21am On Dec 05, 2012
This is another story from a chronic fantasist. Why do people keep taking his bs seriously?
Politics / Re: Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: A Failure? by Johndoe100(m): 12:18am On Dec 05, 2012
People like you just want to project their frustrations on others. You are pathetic. If you feel that the light situation in your area is that bad, why not just switch off the PHCN connection? Use generators 24/7. Idiot.

joseph1832: @sincere 9gerian so power is the only thing you can mention? I stay in Lagos and we still share light! 12 hours on and 12 hours off mind you PHCN still take the light when we are on.
Family / Re: Family Section Reality Show - Keeping Up With Nairalanders by Johndoe100(m): 12:04am On Dec 05, 2012
I am not surprised.


My dear,
No be fight ooo!
I am not Rudy, try to understand now.
You psycho analysis above is a huge joke or you forget that I am the master of mind games in this section?
I have used the Richy character and achieved my aim, now I want to do something else.
And for the last time I am NOT Ruddy!
Thank you.
Family / Re: As A Man, Is It Proper To Know The Virginity Status Of Your 18+ Female Child. by Johndoe100(m): 5:34pm On Dec 04, 2012
I think it is important for the dad to know. In my opinion, the father can impart wisdom gained over many many campaigns to the daughter, either directly or through the mother. I have always made my older children understand that sex is a damn serious business, with serious consequences. Women essentially don't have a brain when it comes to "romance" and I want to ensure that mine are clued up on what is out there and what can happen.


Family / Re: Family Section Reality Show - Keeping Up With Nairalanders by Johndoe100(m): 3:54am On Nov 28, 2012
Rich dont worry they didnt scare me away and i am not going anywhere will continue to encourage women on NL to try to work out their marriage issues. You know i really do laugh @ some of these posters dreaming about driving X5 when people who have been driving them since 2008 dont even talk about it LOL. I know the haters in this family section is much for me but its ok. Im tough enough. wink

Ahhhh madam agi, long time, how are you? I always knew you were a tough one. Keep the faith, we are with all you good women.
Family / Re: Questions For Married Men by Johndoe100(m): 7:17am On Nov 27, 2012
You are a Muslim, now masquerading as what? Mother Theresa or the virgin Mary? Did you also change your name from say Salamotu to something less ethnic? Now you say I am a Muslim? Okay I'm supposed to be like you, Johndoe is the mask behind which a Muslim hides?

Since it is too early for you to be intoxicated, I advice that you tell your partner to not bang you so hard, it's affecting your thought processes.

jidegirl12: Yeah.... I don't know why Rudy and My dearest Dayo are wasting their time on this thread....

Person wey open the thread= Moslem

People with 'I can do it all' notion= Moslems

I grew up bread and buttered in a Moslem home .... My mom has a very lucrative job of course it's her idea cos my Daddy never wanted her to work and she wanted to use her qualifications to do something ... She makes good money.... My Daddy will not let her carry any responsibilities at home !

We didn't even go to the school! Lobatan!!!

It was a war!!

He broke one of the school buses one day with a with one of our heavy truck cement mixer cos he was mad! Like flattened it!

He's a very Good Daddy and very powerful and a good provider but that's just the mentality they grew up with.

So guys pls don't waste your sweat.... It's a lost battle!

You guys are just gonna be going back and forth with no result... undecided

Oga Mac, Johndoe, Mrs Lawal, and the other guy..... E pele o, ko ni tan nibe lailai wink
Family / Re: Questions For Married Men by Johndoe100(m): 1:08am On Nov 27, 2012

I am not one of those women who give you undue importance on this forum anything more than the ranting of a deranged man

Bill Clinton married a working woman, Barack Obama married a working woman, AbdulSalam Abubakar married a working woman, Tinubu married a working woman, Fashola married one. Maybe they are too broke assz to keep one

I ask whats the motive for sending you to school and spending money on your education if you want a fellow human to feed you for life

You see Dayo the effects of poverty are many and varied. Take the part that I highlighted in your post. To you education is all about feeding and other mundane stuff. If you were from a more financially robust background or have attained a more secure financial present you would understand that having a wife who is educated is so that her mind can match yours, speak intelligently on diverse topics and impart unto the children enlightened viewpoints. Money, money money is the poor mans song. As they say in Nigeria , na poverty mentality de worry you.


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