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Celebrities / Re: Game Of Thrones Actor John Stahl Dies Aged 68 by Kenoxman(m): 11:54am On Mar 05, 2022
make that two, haven't seen the movie as well,season movies not my thing ...consumes ones precious time a lot
Same here. But if it's interesting, I do watch it like the normal 2-3 hours movie. Like 2 to 3 episodes at a go. Then go do something meaningful,come back say later in the day or next day and repeat same. Takes me an average 1-2 wks to finish a season. And I watch my movies alone.
Travel / Re: How I Started My Tricycle (Keke) Business & How Much I Make In A Day (Photo) by Kenoxman(m): 7:25pm On Jan 08, 2022
SONNOBAX where art thou?
When I saw this thread I became excited thinking it's you but, voila you are not the one.
Pls do and start as quickly as possible.
@op I am very happy of you
There is so much money in all these little business that we neglect.
God bless your hustle.
Lol... I tot it was Sonnobax too b4 opening the thread. Maybe im be dey address one issue on top banny matter for romance section,com 4get the real matter.
Celebrities / Re: Abuja Biggest Skincare Brand, Goldenlitz Organics And Spa Marked The End Of 2021 by Kenoxman(m): 9:06pm On Dec 07, 2021
FP things as usual.... Didn't bother reading
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chemical Engineering Job Or Filling Station Manager Job by Kenoxman(m): 11:06am On Nov 15, 2021
If I were you I wouldn't go back to the former company even if the pay was 3 times what I currently earn. How sure are you the previous circumstances won't rear up again and you get sacked the second time? By then you might have nothing to fall back on. And believe me you will work under pressure in this former company as you are not sure what might be in store for you. In fact getting back to a former organisation after one had been sacked doesn't end well most times. Why not focus on your present job and seek ways to earn additional income since it gives you more flexibility of time? Or better still seek new employment in another similar chemical company if experience is ur goal. See higher paycheck is not always the goal. If u earn 50k while being kept on ur toes and another earns 30k working with a more relaxed mind,who do u think will make more financial progress in the long run? A BIRD AT HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH!

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Romance / Re: Where Do I Go From Here? by Kenoxman(m): 10:25pm On Nov 09, 2021
You already know where ur weaknesses lie.Believe me, if you make a firm decision today never to repeat ur mistakes and to make amend,ur life can turn around for good in less than 14 days.I did and I am seeing great difference in my own life.When we don't learn from our past mistakes we repeat them again and each lesson becomes harder. There is still much time to rearrange ur life and position urself for greatness come next yr.By the way,who is ur mentor? Do u mentor others without having one urself? I have mentors like Robert Kiyosaki,Anthony Robbins,John Maxwell and a couple of others.I have their books which I read every now and then especially when I'm down like ur situation now.I also follow their posts daily on social media. I draw tremendous inspiration from these great men. Most especially Robert Kiyosaki whose teachings on finance opened my eyes. And like he would say,ur problem today is basically because u lack financial intelligence and the discipline to carry it through. GO GET URSELF A MENTOR!
Family / Re: My Husband Thinks I'm A Liar. by Kenoxman(m): 10:10am On Nov 03, 2021
All I can say is ''may thunder fire poverty!'' Small thing nau them go begin dish out advice like ''marry now and grow with ur kids bla bla bla...'', ''Our fathers married with little or nothing and still managed to raise a decent family, yen yen yen...''. Shey una dey see am now? Nonsense and marry now with little income.


Food / Re: The Change In Prices Of Foodstuffs In Nigeria (Pix) by Kenoxman(m): 7:58pm On Oct 26, 2021
It's the job of industries to produce not the common man.
Your post is bereft of common knowledge. If not you should know that production is in two phases-subsistence and commercial level. If you totally depend on industries for every good and service,that's ok but there are people who produce certain commodities for themselves and it is no crime.


Food / Re: The Change In Prices Of Foodstuffs In Nigeria (Pix) by Kenoxman(m): 4:58pm On Oct 26, 2021
Na egg own shock me pass... A crate of eggs is now 2k���
If you live in an area that supports poultry farming,then produce ur own egg and that prob is solved. Just with 3 laying birds(noilers) you go chop egg tire(21 eggs per week). I did and the rest is history. And the good thing is their feeding is cheaper cos it can be compromised as from 2 months up or even allow them to free-range and they will still do execellently well, laying from 4 months plus. Planning to go commercial by next year. The thing is agricultural production(food) is the survival strategy now. Produce what you can no matter how little. You can't be buying everything.

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Romance / Re: Help Please I Have A Rough Face by Kenoxman(m): 8:30am On Oct 26, 2021
Shea butter on an acne face? undecided
The Omega soap itself has very active ingredients and tends to dry the skin quickly. In fact you begin to see result (on the pimples and acne) in less than 10 secs of touching the soap on ur face wit water(I kid u not). It dries every atom of oil on ur face leaving ur face dry but one needs a little bit of oil secretion to keep a healthy moist facial skin. Moisturizer won't help and this is where the shea butter comes in. It is not the regular local shea butter but an antiseptic one that takes care of acne and pimples(I hav forgotten the brand name). These two combo are superb. I am talking from experience.
Romance / Re: Help Please I Have A Rough Face by Kenoxman(m): 3:58am On Oct 26, 2021
Omega antiseptic soap and sheabutter cream will do the magic. They are tested and trusted.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 8 Things You Can Buy And Hold As Investment In Nigeria by Kenoxman(m): 3:51am On Oct 26, 2021
Man must chop. So food business is always lucrative especially now that things are skyrocketing. Omo! The way I carry vex plant banana and plantain this year ehn...hunger sef don they shame. A bunch of plantain goes for nothing less than 2k and banana? That one na goldmine,rich man food. The smallest bunch na 3k. Big bunch na from 10k and above. Omo! next year go soft for my side. I go punish this hunger wey dealt me heavy blow this year. Na revenge mission.

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Career / Re: Teacher Or Bricklayer by Kenoxman(m): 8:50am On Oct 21, 2021
An average bricklayer/mason earns a min of 7k per day's job while an average school teacher in a private secondary school(not even primary sef)earns an average salary of 15k(take note of the 'minimum' and 'average' in these two context). Of course a lot of school teachers earn far less than 15k. Some are earning a misery 10k that doesn't even come at the end of the month but on the 1st,2nd and even 3rd week of the next month.And believe me teaching is more physically,emotionally and psychologically exhaustive and draining than a labourer's work.By the time u wake up by 4:am,prepare so you can be in school latest 7:30 am,go round classes teaching(4-5 classes a day),prepare lesson notes depending on the number of subjects and classes(I used to write 12 back then)and other tasks and then go home around 4:pm, ur body go tell u. Plus many a times u carry out these duties on empty stomach.The only advantage a teacher has is being able to dress smarter, being shielded from the hot sun and having more respect.
Travel / Re: Battleship Island: Once World's Most Populated City Abandoned 47 Years Ago(Pics) by Kenoxman(m): 7:40pm On Oct 20, 2021
That place will be haunted

Would definitely love to visit there
Without a guide one can get lost. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine. Reminds me of a horror movie.
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Spotted With Dani Alves, Ed Sheran And Others by Kenoxman(m): 12:58pm On Oct 20, 2021
grin Why Ed Sheran come be like ghost for the 2nd pix? Face so white like snow...abi na makeup?

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Celebrities / Re: Police Arrest Shatta Wale For Lying He Was Shot (Photos) by Kenoxman(m): 12:49pm On Oct 20, 2021
grin Wait! Is this the Shatta Wale wey been dey flex muscle for our naija artistes them? Was looking to see a vibrant young man and not this old man. This one na grandfather na...


Romance / Re: How A Virgin Almost Died In My Crib by Kenoxman(m): 11:01am On Oct 20, 2021
@OP, you are 41 years now. Omo! you na elder now. Hope say u don get your own family now...
Family / Re: How My Monthly Salary Is Used On Foodstuff Only by Kenoxman(m): 7:38pm On Oct 15, 2021
1-1-1 is not for you. It's either you adopt 1-0-1,0-1-1, or 0-0-1. You will not die! Drink a lot of water and you will be fine. No be only food you come this life to chop. Desperate times as this calls for drastic measures if you must survive. Save up man! The thought of losing that job unexpectedly should scare the hell outta you.


Family / Re: Work Advice Needed For My Parent. by Kenoxman(m): 2:40pm On Oct 15, 2021
Good day nairalanders

I wanna seek advise on behalf of my parent. My dad is a road side mechanic while Mum is a petty trader. Dad is 55yrs while Mum is 52yrs. I wanna ask what type of Business can I set up for my parent based on the Economy growth of the country.
I plan setting up a mini mart for my mum earlier buy after asking my sister about it she said it’s not a good business in terms of profitability.
Kindly help to suggest what type of Business I can set up for both of them so I can start working on it.
Dad-motor/motorcycle spare parts,(depending on the one he is into as a mechanic) Mom- foodstuff biz.
Career / Re: Help guys, I think I stayed longer than necessary. by Kenoxman(m): 9:19am On Oct 15, 2021

Not really, when I came in they actually needed someone with little experience that would be absorbed after getting familiar with their mode of operations (their house style) which I quite fitted in for because I've done lots of freestyle in production, presentation and other necessary areas.
Still points to the fact that the terms and conditions of engagement were not clearly spelt out from the beginning, otherwise there shouldn't be this kind of misunderstanding. You saw urself as an intern but they saw you as a volunteer seeking for experience. No thanks to the exploitative tendency of most Nigerian employers. You played into their hands as a willing tool and they used you without conscience. This is where the problem lies. Sorry there is nothing much you can do since there wasn't any concrete agreement. Move on and learn from your mistake.


Career / Re: Help guys, I think I stayed longer than necessary. by Kenoxman(m): 9:04pm On Oct 14, 2021
This is what happens when u don't define the nature of your engagement. You should hav asked the right questions right from the outset so as get things clearly. Questions like duration of internship,pay,promotion etc. Seems your demeanor was more or less that of a volunteer.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Special Appeal To All Employers Of Labour And HR by Kenoxman(m): 7:44pm On Oct 14, 2021
On the other hand, you can also be an entrepreneur, stop depending on white collar jobs...
It's not always easy to switch from a salaried job to entrepreneurship especially for married men as the OP sighted. People tend to do well as entrepreneurs when they started out as entreprenuers from the outset and not because of lack of job or because they hav been laid off. Entreprenuership is all about passion.

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Business / Re: One Reason You're Still Broke As Young Person by Kenoxman(m): 4:33am On Oct 14, 2021
[quote author=bodybuilder post=106712878]One reason you're still broke as young person is because you think you're can make it overnight. That has very low likelihood of working out. Stop waiting for dream jobs and instant millions. Only a few people will have the luck to make it overnight.
Face reality, start stacking up your bread from scratch. Making small money is better than not making money at all. Get busy. No matter how small it is. You can build from there. Money is hardly made overnight. You gotta start from those small pennies and stop comparing your life to others. You need start learning how to make money small small. With the experience you can make more money. Making money is a sport, practice makes perfect. It will be easier for you to make 1million naira, if you know how to make 100 thousand naira. Experience is the best teacher. The time way use dey use dey wait for 1 million your mate dey make 10,000 dey add up dey go.
Nothing can override experience. Doing something over and over and o

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Romance / Re: Whats The Hardest Part About Being A Man? by Kenoxman(m): 6:18am On Oct 12, 2021
For me the hardest part of being a man is when you are broke with no hope in sight and to cap it all, you find it very difficult to beg as a person...
Car Talk / Re: Risk Of Driving A Sienna by Kenoxman(m): 6:19am On Oct 09, 2021
True. Few days ago unknown gun men attacked and killed some persons returning from a burial in my town, Awka-Etiti, Anambra State. They(victims)were reported to be driving in a Sienna.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is The Shortest Time You Have Been Employed? by Kenoxman(m): 3:47pm On Oct 08, 2021
6 Months on two occasions. One in 2018 and another in 2020/21. Well, I hav quit tryin since I hav realized I'm naturally not cut out for a paid job. In fact the only time I reason a job is when I'm dead broke with no hope in sight. And once my finances improve, I japaa... It's not about the pay bt time factor. I love being in total contlol of my time plus I hate being subservient to other people. I'm never a rude guy but I'm not really very humble when I'm loaded anyways. I'm seriously working on my financial intelligence on a daily so I wouldn't be damn broke ever again. And therefore wouldn't be needing a job.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is The Shortest Time You Have Been Employed? by Kenoxman(m): 3:46pm On Oct 08, 2021
Hey guys so how long have you spent at a job before calling it a quit or probably disengaged?

So this year I have been quite funny with jobs and whatnot

So the first job I did this year, I didn't spend up to 2 months before leaving, the job was too stressful for me and I couldn't cope.

The second I spent a month and half then I left because the pay wasn't encouraging

The third one though sounded interesting, and I was like oh finally a management position. So after almost three months of processing my application and several documents submitted.. I was finally called to resume but I left after the first two days.
The job wasn't for me, it looked good on the outside but something else on the inside, to me it was slavery.

So I have decided to leave anything that has to do with job alone.. I'm doing well for myself grin

So guys let's have your views.
It's not just about the job bt who you are-your person.You're not just cut out for a paid job

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Education / Re: My HOD Was Sacked For Defending The Rights Of Members Of His Department by Kenoxman(m): 9:59am On Oct 08, 2021
In Nigeria, when you are working for private companies always be one step ahead of your boss... Most of them see themselves as demigods that can treat staffs anyhow. I don't know why they are like that anyways.

The former company where I worked.. My boss threatened me with sack letter and not me alone almost everyone. I left the following month... He came back with an offer of 150% of my previous salary but I refused... He had to replace me with 4 new people and even paid huge money for consultancy.
Good thing you did. I believe it is wise never to return to a former workplace when one left as a result of disagreement over conditions of work irrespective of promises of better conditions. Most times it doesn't get better but worse. You even lose your respect and dignity in the process. Having a good side hustle or tight savings are good recipe for staying ahead. I guess that was what helped you in moving on fast.

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Education / Re: My HOD Was Sacked For Defending The Rights Of Members Of His Department by Kenoxman(m): 9:31am On Oct 08, 2021
grin POVERTY IS A BASTARD! So 7 of the staff returned the payment while the rest think they are too broke to follow suit? That's the catalyst that broke the protest and turned the protesters into victims. You see how difficult it is for NLC to champion the cause of Nigerian workers. The wicked proprietor would not dare relieve the entire staff had everybody complied. But POVERTY came to the rescue. Sadly this is one major tool Nigerian employers use against their workers. If it is too small for you, somebody somewhere else will be begging for it, even it be halved. I hate poverty.


Romance / Re: My Encounter With A Girl That Stopped Picking Calls. by Kenoxman(m): 3:17pm On Oct 03, 2021
Buy you won't help your fellow guy. Ordinary thank you sms, you no see after 3days. If na guy you give that money, he ll send text messages and call you to appreciate
True! Guys are more appreciative of any financial help rendered to them. But ladies? They only appreciate something bigger. I guess cos they have many potential helpers compared to guys. so they often tend to compare. Na so I sent #200 recharge card to one babe,(I do send her card occasionally) though she appreciated but she called it a ''token''. Omo! my hard-earned money a token? Anyway, I stopped sending her card from that day. I now have a rule- if you as a lady is not related to me, any financial help from me will be half of what I intended giving. Say, if I intended giving 1k, na 500h you go get las las. So if you come mess up in future (they almost, always do) e no go pain me.


Romance / Re: My Encounter With A Girl That Stopped Picking Calls. by Kenoxman(m): 2:56pm On Oct 03, 2021
grin cheesy She will certainly remember you when another financial need arises. For now you are no longer important (talking from experience). In my own case I bluntly told her ''NO'' on the second request. She got offended, 'carried face' for me for a while but as she come notice say guy man no send,she 'behaved herself' and we are still good. The thing is I no dey loose-guard for nobody be u man or woman. Street tough mehnn!

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Education / Re: Students Wear Isi Agu As School Uniform In Anambra (Photos) by Kenoxman(m): 10:31am On Sep 23, 2021
Omo! See population! But las las na 15k go be their teachers' takehome. Very heartless set of exploiters.
Celebrities / Re: Cubana Chief Priest , Osita Iheme , Chinedu Ikedieze On Set - Pictures by Kenoxman(m): 4:18pm On Sep 17, 2021
Cubanachief needs to hit the gym. I dont like men being fat. C'mon.......

And No I am not body shaming him, just stating the obvious.
LOL! Been looking out for this kinda comment about shedding some weight.... I can now leave the thread...

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