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Sports / Re: US Open 2020: Djokovic Defaulted After Hitting Ball At Line Judge (video) by Parablesonmarble: 11:31pm On Sep 06, 2020

What a day


Lewis Hamilton



All got slammed with "strikes" today

Lesson of the day ; always calm down


We have laughing gas, we have tear gas but right now, its anger fume all over the place frustrating people. Even me, I'm inexplicably angry...,maybe @ Bubu and Naija.
Celebrities / Re: Dr.dre's Ex-wife, Nicole Reveals Her Expenses To Justify Request For $2m/month by Parablesonmarble: 7:05pm On Sep 06, 2020
Love is never enough reason to get married to a woman but these oyinbo people no go gree. If I dey that side and pepper rest like Dre, I'll never get married without a pre-nupital agreement in my favor. Steven Gerald is a correct guy that understands how marriage should work.
Politics / Re: Sirika Restructures NCAA, Sacks Directors by Parablesonmarble: 9:06pm On Sep 02, 2020
Please, I need info about where I can collect my Waec certificate, I did my exams at Oshodi, year 2014.pls treat this with urgency. Thank in advance.

If you wrote may/june, go back the school you wrote @. If you wrote nov/dec or jan/ feb diet, then you have to visit a Waec issuing center.

Since you wrote at a center in Oshodi, you will be attended to at the WAEC issuing center for Lagos East, which should be Waec Sattellite Offfice, Olojo Drive, behind Awori College, Ojo Town or you can visit WAEC Regional Office, Ogba. For Lagos West senatorial district, it is Ikorodu issuing center.@ Ebute Road, Igbogbo, Ikorodu.

Since the year you wrote is more 5 years ago, you will pay a charge of 8,500 naira. The longer you wait, the more the charges.

Endeavor to go early with necessary requirements like a copy of exam slip, a copy of online result notification, valid means of identification, passport photographs, sworn affidavit and a letter of application.

Best of luck.
Romance / Re: I Approached A Lady Today And I Was Disappointed In Myself. by Parablesonmarble: 8:22pm On Aug 31, 2020
I pray you get to meet someone nice before you become proficient at the job. Once your kind become good, they go gaga, toying with every woman in sight.
Romance / Re: See What My New Girlfriend Cooked by Parablesonmarble: 8:17pm On Aug 31, 2020
You better introspect well, my guy. I think something is wrong with you. You are complaining about these women when you should start worrying about why attract the worst or bring the worst out of these women.

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Romance / Re: Can Someone Explain The Feeling Of Disgust, Remorse And Disdain After Sex.? by Parablesonmarble: 8:58am On Aug 31, 2020
Oga it also happens to women and please there is a correlation between this and intimacy.

If you feel everything is true because it has a fancy name then I pity you.

Fattest lie of the century... A man can have and even sustain an erection for a woman he isn't attracted to.

By the way, this isn't science, it is pseudo science and holds no water.

You can't tell someone their feelings aren't valid just cuz study proves it otherwise.

Pity me cos I've an opinion that is contrary to yours?! Pity me cos you think I am wrong and you are right?! Pity me cos you think my submission is not factual and yours is?! Truly, I must deserve some pity from you because you are super knowledgeable and I'm an absolute dunce. Una do well.

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Crime / Re: Newly Recruited Soldiers Vow To Deal With Civilians In Viral Video by Parablesonmarble: 12:53am On Aug 23, 2020
if u re a civilian ad u re called a civilian dere is nothing to be angry abt, power really dwell in d muzzle of a gun ... I hate their entitlement mentality, bt thin is Cowards read d obituary of the brave

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Power dwells in human brains and may be released by guns (one of a thousand and one ways to release) as designed by humans.
No civilian ought be angry at being called a civilian. Sensible civilians understand that the ones in uniform sees brutalizing civilians as an outlet for coping with possible fear of death from other forces in the line of duty.
Superiority complex is a grand attempt at masking the feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. If you are supremely confident as they want us to believe, there is no point shouting on top of their voices trying to intimidate people without arms. They should go to battle field and face armed opposition.
Education / Re: 20 Nigerian Students Of Brampton Manor Academy Break Into Best UK Universities by Parablesonmarble: 3:54pm On Aug 22, 2020

Oga, I'm not belittling anything. I'm happy with the news, but I'm just saying it's not something that calls for a nationwide celebration. Celebrating this kind of news makes us even look less serious.

So you're telling me that if say 20 Chinese students or even South African students got admission into a UK Ivy league, while none of their schools is in the top 1000 colleges that these countries will pop Champaign?

Listen, there's something called national pride, and believe me whenever I hear Nigerians talk, I don't get to see that. Infact, if anything, I see the opposite of it.

At this stage, what a nation that had its independence since 1960 should be celebrating is that her citizen got admission in a UK top school. Are you kidding me?? While countries that birthed many years after us are celebrating having schools that run exchange programs with top schools in UK and US.

To be honest, I love this news. But it kinda makes me sick when the west throws garbage at us and we start rejoicing over it. Does that make sense??

Really, you have point and i agree with you. Although, we should be glad Nigerians in diaspora are doing well but it would be more gladsome if Nigerians domiciled at home makes their marks on the world right from here. Just like Okocha and KANU were home grown but good enough to make their marks on the footballing world as against John Fashanu coming back to claim Nigeria.
Its just the way you put it across at first.....

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Politics / Re: Mamman Daura Speaks From The UK (Video) by Parablesonmarble: 11:18am On Aug 22, 2020
Good. Just get well, come back and continue doing whatever you have to do. However, be well aware of the fact that being 84 no be beans but grace. Help find solution to insecurity and bad economy or step aside and go mind your health and your legacy. Please, serve the people with possibly the last chance given and forget about self-service. Money, power and influence are means to an end and not the ultimate end in themselves. Get well.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Mentality About Those Living Abroad by Parablesonmarble: 11:06am On Aug 22, 2020
Oga tell them to return home if living abroad isn't good for them.. As long as they're abroad, we will continue to call them.. cheesy cheesy

I like your funny and unapologetic approach, even if it reeks of ientitlement mentality. Maybe its African to be entitled just like communal family thing seem hard to kill. Just that the pressure of expectations can be killing on anyone perceived to be doing well, home or abroad.Plus most of these guys abroad already developed a strong, defensive 'firewall' around themselves, thinking everybody from back home is calling to ask for a favour. Some are very comfortable back home and some good can still come to you from back home, you know.

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Romance / Re: Please Help. Is The Condition I Gave My Girlfriend Too Harsh? by Parablesonmarble: 10:47pm On Aug 21, 2020
grin grin grin grin grin Mad people full this forum sha cheesy

ExBanker if this is true and you succeed in smashing both of them I will award you The Man of the Year position grin

I swear your name will be engraved in the hall of fame.

Lwkmd cheesy

I will personally award him the G.O.A.T. Playing them like a game of chess with no sweat. Check. I look forward to their next move. Pls, keep us posted.
Politics / Re: Kashamu Withdrew Case Against Adebutu’s Firm Before Death –lawyer by Parablesonmarble: 11:46am On Aug 21, 2020
Kessignton family are very heartless, couldn't even give respect to the dead

Still all about the money and influence for the Adebutus, even after Kashamu's death. The video has achieved the aim of release. Jibola, the lawyer, is now toeing the line leaving Segun, the manager, in the lurch.
Kashamu had the grace of begging and mending fences before leaving. Let's hope Adebutu Kenssington will have the same grace in the end. Nothing lasts forever.


Travel / Re: Tavy Pustiu Hit And Killed By Train While Live-streaming Himself by Parablesonmarble: 10:32pm On Aug 20, 2020

Have you watched the movie called Spree? Watch it. It just came out

Nice suggestion. Will do too.
Crime / Re: This Man Is Most Wanted By EFCC Nigeria by Parablesonmarble: 4:40pm On Aug 20, 2020
46? Limited English Language? How did he get the contract in the first place? Any due process involved? Was the contract competitive through bidding? EFCC should ask of him from his patrons who used him as their front and stop this public charades
Politics / Re: Kashamu Begging Adebutu Kessignton ‘Baba Ijebu’ From Sick Bed (Leaked Video) by Parablesonmarble: 10:45pm On Aug 19, 2020
This isn't necessary.......some things are to be kept private and confidential and this is sure one of them.

Their politicking continues. Having this video on the internet suggests Segun and cohorts are still holding on the said Ghana contract papers.
Instead of everyone of them learning that no one is invincible thru Kashamu's death, they are still in hot pursuit of earthly wealth and power.
Their own confession time is near.


Politics / Re: Realities Of Nigeria’s Diminishing Relevance To U.S., Africa By Princeton Lyman by Parablesonmarble: 7:47pm On Aug 15, 2020

200 million unharnessed, disempowered, disunited, misruled, oppressed people? Colonized from within, polarized by militant religion, plagued by rulers beating the drums of war and unconcernedly picking their teeth while violent and merciless marauders spill blood like water, with vanishing annual budgets and spiralling debt profiles? Did I forget a vocal band of praise singers who are paid peanuts?

Let's tell ourselves the truth before it's too late.

You, my brother, are on point. Let's forget where the guy is from and process the message. Nigeria won't be so great in future if we continue toeing the path we are on presently. More than 75% Nigerians are poor and if they think Nigeria is a mockery, then be sure it is. The rich can stay in their cocoon and assume 200 million ill-motivated and oppressed people will help them maintain relevance. Soon enough, they'll realise its shape up or ship out for them.

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Romance / Re: Arewa Group Begs FG To Ban Porn Websites From Nigeria's Cyberspace by Parablesonmarble: 6:25pm On Aug 14, 2020
contrary to your belief.... Arewa boys have the most hardworking youths in Nigeria.

1. Is Arewa Mechanical Engineering student, Usman Dalhatu made this portable automatic ventilator. He is a 200 level student of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).
After being empowered by Gombe state Governor he transformed his emergency ventilator idea into portable E-vent automatic ventilator

2. Arewa youth constructing bicycle with local materials.

3. Arewa Computer Scientist, Dr. Bashir Isa Dodo, from Katsina State. He has a PhD in computer science. As a student, he won the "Best Student Paper" at the BIO-IMAGING conference in Portgual, for the development of a new algorithm that can separate retina into seven individual layers to quickly diagnose eye diseases

We have thousands of them... I have even opened a thread for that but the thread was not pushed to the front page for the world to see.

The media won't show you this... They only feed you with bad news from maiduguri villages and southern kaduna

I agree with you. In fact, I don't agree any race or tribe is superior to any other. Its all about opportunities, challenges, circumstances, necessities and environment.
However, don't you think Nigeria is a secular state and a section of the country cannot just force their conservative ideas down the throat of everyone else?
If anyone wants to enjoy porn within the confine of their own personal space, they have every right to.
Let any state that can successfully legislate ban on porn within their own cyberspace do as they did with sharia and amotekun but it should not be a blanket thing.
Romance / Re: Dating A Guy Abroad — Nigerian Lady Based In Ireland Speaks. Photos by Parablesonmarble: 6:30am On Aug 14, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr
Nice one
Also tell them to do away with the entitlement mentality

That rubbish scare the shit out of every man whether white man or black man

On point, my brother.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Replies Aisha Yesufu: 'You Are A Frustrated Sidekick' by Parablesonmarble: 6:22am On Aug 14, 2020
What is the point of attacking Reno in the first place?

That we had it worse during Jonathan's time?

All we want is simply good governance and we are satisfied with our temporary heroes.

Femi Adesina, Reuben Abati, were one time heroes. But today, Femi is the champion of oppressors and incompetence just like Abati was and Sowore may be.

Reno at the moment is not the enemy. Aisha should know this. And it wasn't Reno that sold Buhari to us, neither was it Aisha or Soyinka or the late Adesanmi...

It was the incompetence of Jonathan or the exaggeration of it that made us choose someone we had thrice reject.
And yh, during Jonathan's time, the whole nation was incited, Aisha could protest, Madam Oby could march, Professor Wole could join and Sowore could exercise their right and demand for good governance and security and sometimes ridiculous demands like the fuel subsidy removal protest, that Buhari later called inevitable and our only salvation.
But Again, all of these people are merely having their times- with say the exception of Baba Soyinka. When your kinsman is in Aso Rock, calling attention to the massacre in nearby Apo or Kaduna is defacing the govt.

So let Reno have his time, we need his voice especially in this administration filled with bloodbath from extremist and sometimes state apparatus. We need all of the voices we can, from Sowore to Reno to Aisha. And the bantering shouldn't be between themselves- the strength should be reserved for the average Nigerians, for the widows in Kaduna, for the displaced in Bauchi or Borno, for the soldiers been sacrificed by their incompetent administrators and superiors, for Lance Corporal Martin, for Leah Sharibu and many others like her... towards our elected and non elected leaders and representatives.

Now, this is the kind of sensible submission I look forward to here and not some childish banterings.


Romance / Re: Will A 42 Yrs Old Man Still Find 25yrs Lady To Marry? by Parablesonmarble: 7:01pm On Aug 09, 2020
Are you sure that's what you really need? Just be ready to baby-sit and live in constant fear of your baby being attracted to younger folks.
Its either you learn to swerve and ignore most thing young people do or you get high blood pressure drugs ready. Goodluck
Romance / Re: She Cant Do Without It For A Week, How Can I Help Her? by Parablesonmarble: 6:52pm On Aug 09, 2020
The only person that can help her is her and it takes faith, will and time. It's like drug dependency, stopping too soon or too late is trouble. Since the condition is based on heredity, hormonal imbalance, past or early experiences and environment, then its to be approached from multiple angles.
The way to help is to swim and pass on or keep encouraging her until interest wanes. Think, why do we have only 70 year-old nymphos.
Romance / Re: *** by Parablesonmarble: 11:25pm On Aug 07, 2020
She is actually remorseful

Genetic Sexual Attraction GSA is more rampant than reported. Don't sweat it. As long as she's remorseful, give her a chance. She has done what she needed to do and put the worst behind her. You cannot tell what that innocent, inexperience virgin you are angling for today would turn into tomorrow.

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Romance / Re: Can Someone Explain The Feeling Of Disgust, Remorse And Disdain After Sex.? by Parablesonmarble: 11:15pm On Aug 07, 2020
If you have a special love, affection and attraction towards someone, the feelings remain same after you are done with the whole sex thing.

With this special kind of feeling, all you want to do is to cuddle and talk or do something special together.
If you feel disdain or disgust towards this person after this, you are clearly not attracted to this person but all you need at that point is to get your urges taken care of (wether you're male or female).

So ia anything wrong with you
I leave to others to answer

Are you a man? If not, kindly google post coital tristesse (PCT). Males experience PCT more than females and there is no correlation between PCT and intimacy.
If a man is not attracted to a sex partner, it is either he won't be able to get it up or sustain an erection, especially when exposed to repeated sex with that same partner. Like a guy rightly inferred up there, nature plays with men's psyche everytime, in many different ways.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Near Death Experience While Working As A Mason by Parablesonmarble: 4:28pm On Aug 04, 2020
Next time beforehand take 2 tab of panadol and again every 3hrs while the job is on. Its all u need to last a day of tedious labor and have no pains later. Do this as a gentleman.. But Ur mates u saw doing it effortlessly use tramadol or splif to tilt the odds.

That guy that saved you. Look for him and thank him.. . He is God s angel watching over you

Excessive use of acetaminophen causes damage to the liver and prolonged use is implicated in cancer. Occassional use of panadol may be okay but dependency on it to go through a day of tedious job might be risky. The best bet is to build his strength slowly over time. With time, he'll gain the stamina if he takes it a step at a time.


Politics / Re: 2023: Babachir Says No APC Member Has The Right To Stop Tinubu From Contesting by Parablesonmarble: 8:33am On Aug 02, 2020
Babachir the grass cutter can still talk ? He’d be dead of this was China but he still has audience weighing in on political matters.

To the subject matter:

No comment! Every one has a right to aspire for any political position. In a fair and just society, you present yourself and allow the people exercise their right to choose if they want you. The latter is not the case in Nigeria

Sensible man. Respect.
Politics / Re: Christianity: Gbajabiamila From A Deacon To A Muslim by Parablesonmarble: 11:23am On Aug 01, 2020

Stop deceiving yourself young man. Christianity is a recent event in yorubaland.

They were once originally all Muslims. Many argued it wasn't true but gbaja statement is also testament to my research

'Originally all Muslims' got me. Do you know this for certain or you are just saying from your own observations.
I want to believe they originally were traditionalists and most now have hybrid religions with trado-muslims leading the way, trado-christians following closely, with pure traditionalists coming in distant third.
Acknowledgement of the 'Isese Day' (Tradition Day) by almost all South-West states in the last one decade is an excellent pointer.
Just my opinion, though.
Romance / Re: Lady Weeps, Says She Has 40 Days To Live Because Her Nigerian Boyfriend Has Used by Parablesonmarble: 11:06pm On Jul 30, 2020
Person wey dem use dey put wig and makeup? If dem use u, u no need cry us a river before we know.


Education / Re: Gabriel Olarenwaju Akinyemi, 60-Year-Old UTME Candidate Wants To Study Pharmacy by Parablesonmarble: 10:13am On Jul 28, 2020
He should encourage his children 2 study d course naw, there is time 4 everything. He suppose 2 av retired nd be playin with his grandkids, his der doing jamb.

Abeg i no wan laffgrin

Please do laugh if you must. I believe with time, you may understand the man. You cannot invest your own personal dream in your children. You only support their own dreams with everything you've got. That's what sensible parents do.


Travel / Re: Musings Of A Lagos Uber Driver by Parablesonmarble: 3:48pm On Jul 25, 2020
A Lagos Uber driver, ������� @MaxOfLagos, shared some of his experiences on the job. Some are hilarious while others are just downright strange.

Lagos is...unique grin



This is sweetest thread on NL for a while, for me personally.
Everywhere you go is a haysack and you're always looking for a pin. My opinion, pick the pins and forget the hay..
There is no way Nigeria can be led like this and you looking for 100% sanity. Most of the people you meet are always going to act unbalanced, swaying from the craze of their existential environment. More importantly, its the imbalance that the foreigners sees.
Check Nigerians in diaspora and you'll know that the special kind of craze you get for Naija nah circumstantial craze..


Business / Re: Kenyan Professor XN Iraki: Nigerians Are Taking Over Our Economy by Parablesonmarble: 4:38pm On Jul 23, 2020
Nice piece. Unfortunately we over here don't see those potentials again and just want to leave because those old thieves in agbada have finished us.

Nigeria has the potential to lead the black race but the fools called leaders will rather die than see us take center stage. They would rather loot to stupor than do the right thing.

What the professor fail to understand is that Nigerian greater interest in Kenya is organic and not planned and it is being driven by southern Nigerians, majorly the Igbo because commerce to them knows no boundary.
His assertion about the success of Nigerians in diaspora is spot-on though. That's enough for Nigerians to experience xenophobia in every mindful African country.
Kenyans should focus their suspicion on India and China. Indians have been exploiting East and South-East African countries for decades. And the Chinese authority has a tailor-made plan to buy the whole of sub-sahara Africa over by any mean necessary.
That Nigeria is not doing what the man thinks is all down to the fact that Nigeria is a cojoined country with many unrelated parts forcefully welded together and not a wholesome nation with plans and focus.

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Politics / Re: FG Moves To Stop Importation Of Bitumen by Parablesonmarble: 1:53pm On Jul 23, 2020
Fashiola was over hyped as governor ... honestly the first time I went to Lagos as a pH boy I was disappointed ...from airport to lekki ...not a single standard road ...the worst is that lekki epe Express

Now he has failed as a minister too

As a governor he was no we're near aklabio and ameachi in any aspect

I guess you didn't put into consideration that Lagos has metro density of 7,759/km squared compared to pH's metro density of 1,100/ km squared. Lagos would always be a tough place to manage.

Not holding brief for Fashola but those that hyped him did that based on what Lagos was before him and after his administration. You should see Lagos before his administration.

PH and Jo's are always going to be Nigeria's fancy grounds. Kano and Lagos are huge slums with pockets decent places. While Abuja would always be world class irrespective of whatever happens to Nigeria.

Lagosians don't mind though. For them, its just hustle hard and make the money.

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Becomes First Player To Score At Least 50 Goals In 3 Different Leagues by Parablesonmarble: 8:22am On Jul 21, 2020
LMAO after stat-padding with penalties.

13 penalties for Ronaldo and 12 for immobile all in the league alone, yet penaldo fanboys want us to believe that Seria A is the most difficult league to score.

Anyways,since the balon d'or has been cancelled Ronaldo and Immobile are competing for the Penald'or,I will place my money on Ronaldo,no one can win him in the game of diving and stat-padding with penalties.

The truth is that C Ronaldo is not first player to do that. His hypemen are just loud. Edin Dzeko is the first player to do it. 66 at Wolfsburg, 50 at Man City and 69 at Roma and still counting too.
However, that doesn't take too much away from Ronaldo. Scoring penalties is an art and part of the beautiful game. He remains an all-time great. Whether he's better than Messi is question I have no answer to.


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