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Politics / Re: Buhari Congratulates Pantami On CIISEC Fellowship by esere826: 12:10pm On Aug 09


Nigerians dey hype sha.
Since when did this become a biggie?

Myself and a lot of other Nigerians I know are part of the group. We hardly even bother with it except for receiving regular updates.

Lol. Jokers
Politics / Re: Jimoh Ibrahim Bags Cambridge's First Business Doctorate Degree (Video) by esere826: 7:41pm On Jul 24
Me I shock too oo.

These politicians manufacture things from the air, then start running from one court to another making excuses for why they wrote untruths about their certificates.

Congrats to him on the real truth beneath all of this sha

Doctor of Business Degree (PhD)?
What does that mean?

Let us the see certificate issued and check how it is written on it.

The reason he is the first one since 1209 might be because the degree is perhaps not important.

And what's with the First Class Honours in a doctoral degree?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Incompetence Just Cost Me A Job, I Feel Worthless by esere826: 2:13pm On Mar 15
Someone gave me a simple job of making an existing static site template responsive within 24 hours and I blew it. A simple task that should take few hours, it looked all good on my localhost only to test it on netlify and it turned out to be a disaster. I'm just so ashamed of myself.

I've been learning web dev since mid last year though its been a case of one month on three months off, I've been grossly inconsistent due circumstances beyond my control. I haven't even coded this year because I come back from my menial hustles with battered bones and weak muscles. You can imagine trying to code after offloading a trailer load of cement all day. I even had to use bet shops around for the gig amidst the pangs of hunger I felt while working coupled with the noisy and distracting environment I was working in which contributed to my legendary blunder.

At the age of 30 and unemployed I've always seen programming as my way out of poverty but it seems I'm not good enough. I'm painfully watching that little flicker of hope fizzle out before my tearful eyes. Which other skill can I dabble into product design?? I suck at designs reason why my frontend skills is below average... should I try backend?? I'm just confused, frustrated and down casted not knowing the next step to take while time is no longer on my side.

Life currently has no meaning and direction to me, I just seem to be flowing aimlessly with the flow. My situation is giving me sleepless nights and I now rely on drugs to sleep for even three hours a day.

I really need someone to talk to, I'm really tired of trying to work out things on my own. I'm 30, broke, lonely and depressed, single has been a constant in my life's equation cos I don't even like myself for who I am presently so I don't expect someone's daughter to like me in this my miserable state.

Someone should please show me the way, this dark tunnel is fast turning to a maze that I can't navigate on my own.

The way is Jesus. To be more precise, the Holy Spirit.
Not by a one way prayer channel, but by getting him to download the knowledge and information that you need to navigate the maze you speak about.

But do you realise that you can practice some of your coding in your mind?
So after doing all that menial job, and your muscles are weak, you can sit back and mentally go through some coding logic without lifting a finger.

When you are rested and have some time, you can then test the mental logics that you spent time on.

It's as easy as this complaint that you wrote.

You thought through it from start to finish, and when you had some time, you then physically wrote it out. That is why it has a flow.
I do that a lot too. I solve a problem mentally just before I sleep, then when i start writing out the solution, it looks very easy.

So you see that you already have the skill in you. just channel it to anything you love.

Maybe also try to figure out a way to monetize your fluid impressive writing skills. Maybe even add some of that to the tools you create.

All of this will pass.


Career / Re: I Am 30, Unmarried And Unhappy At My Job. I Want To have a career change by esere826: 1:53pm On Mar 14
Good day Nairalander. I'm single, 30 years old. I studied agriculture related course at University level, and I presently worked in that field and I earned about 120k monthly.

I feel unfulfilled and I'm lacking interest day after day. The unfulfillment brewed mostly from my bosses egoistic and narcissistic approach to his employee, the insane working hours, and the lack of liberty, and most importantly, I feel I could do better. Now I have a meagre 2 million naira saved up, small? I know. Buy I'd like to pursue my passion in tech albeit from ground zero.

Now my dilemma is:

1. Seeing that I'm old and already past my prime for a career change at 30 yrs old, does a pursue of another career make sense?

2. Knowing that 2 million is small and would not last long. Does is it make sense to just up and leave?

3. I have a small biz I ideal which I feel could give me close to 50k monthly, but thing is, this is Nigeria and I might be wrong.

4. Should I just suck it up and continue for another year or two? Everyone I asked seems to think I should.

P,S. I worked 12 hours a day and its impossible I merge the two together.

Start tech in your organisation
First start by learning excel and helping your teams build excel tools for their daily use.
Next move to building more tools with other laguages such as JAVA, python, sql, etc. That is what tech is all about.

You can then with the tech skills learnt and practised in your office move on to other places

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 12:17am On Feb 25

I make 6 figure
I am good with my pay
I really have 5 years to work and 3 year to Bleep around total of 8 year to go dude
I am not looking for more responsibility
I make more money managing my stuff

Congrats then.

I assume you are Nigerian in the UK.

I love it when we are doing very well.

Best wishes
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 7:59pm On Feb 24

Never said it wasn't. I asked in which field so I can go and apply.

Hopefully, looking though the responses to this, you no know the field.

Best wishes.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 7:57pm On Feb 24

I have close to 25 year in the tech industry-Insurance company to Banking industry to IBM to government

You definitely are worth more than 70k per annum then, except you are stuck in an old job due to loyalty.
In that case, you should be looking at moving right now.

Make hay while the sun shines.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 5:16pm On Feb 24
70% to 80% of Nigerian in the UK don't make that income
In the US 60% of Nigerian don't make that income

check out average income


True. but the opportunity is there.
The opportunity comes like a wind every once in a while, and if you are prepared, you just jump into the jet stream and it takes you effortlessly to that destination.

There is that opportunity at the moment with uk and US companies looking for employees.
Some are even doing 2 jobs at a go right now.

If one is not in the right circle, you may miss all of these info.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 5:11pm On Feb 24

In what field did you get this job? My husband and I's combined salary is not £4,000 a month.

it is very possible
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 4:52pm On Feb 24

Middle class or close to upper middle class in UK

upper middle
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 1.5M Monthly In Nigeria Vs 4k Pounds Monthly In The UK by esere826: 4:44pm On Feb 24
I'm a tech bro, I currently do 1.5M Monthly in Nigeria and I just got a job offer last month in the UK for 4K pounds monthly(after tax)

My guys there be complaining about bills and how hard it is to save and all over there

So, If you were me, which would you pick and why?

Modified: will also like to hear from those in the UK; what do you think guys?...Now that you know how it is over there, what would you advice?

Please help push to front page for more engagements

4k after tax is great in the Uk. Means you are earning about 75k plus per annum.
It puts you in the top earning bracket of that country. Hopefully its not in London, and even if it where, if you're not yet a family man, you'd do well.

If single, target accomodation of £700 per month.
Also negotiate work from home at least 2 days to save on transport.
Your feeding shouldnt be more than £300 monthly
Dont get tempted to buy a range rover on hire purchase like Nigerians do there

at the end of the month, you'd be saving about £2k per month which is equivalent to your nigerian earning.
Your working in uk will also improve your profile if you decide to search for a 9ja job
Your earning also makes you credit worthy in the UK which is a big plus.

.....*and by the way, take advice from only those who earn similar rates and higher in the UK. They know the track and will lead you aright.
Family / Re: Is My Elder Brother Possessed Or An Occultic Man? by esere826: 9:59am On Jan 08
We have been suspicious of my brother's lifestyle for many years now and recently, his wife is reiterating our suspicion.

We are suspecting my brother of either being possessed, or someone did some juju on him or he belongs to a secret cult based on these two behaviors.

1. He does not like rendering help to his immediate family members but extremely generous outside.

Some men are like this. They are strict and stingy to anyone they feel are part of them, even themselves, but are generous to outsiders.

Don't be surprised that your brother can give out cars to others that he himself might feel is too big for him to drive.

I think its a curse plaguing such people


Business / Re: Mayowa Olukehinde Of Breach Menders Unreachable After Collecting ₦50 Million by esere826: 9:28am On Nov 14, 2021


Forex trading is as profitable as it is loss making.
You can make 20% or more monthly and can also loose 20% or more monthly.
It is essentially like people gambling on a football match. One side will win, while the other side will loose.

So don't listen when you are assured of only profits.
In this case, it was heavy loss making.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 5:55pm On Nov 09, 2021

Actually, they owe him a lot. An interview is an engagement between two parties, an interviewer who has a job to offer and the interviewee who is looking for a job, if the interviewer fails to act in a professional manner, the interviewee will be justified in sharing his negative evaluation details of the company online. Glassdoor, Reddit and Trustpilot are forums that I have used to share details of my past negative experience.

That is it.
They should be polite, but they owe you nothing whether in Nigeria or in Scotland.
One of the major reasons why the organisation will get back to you in Scotland is because if they dont, people will leave negative feedback about them like highlighted above and other good candidates will avoid them. It's called business justification, not emotional one

So if you and others do the same in Nigeria, you may end up forcing the companies to respond to unsuccessful candidates there. Not out of sentiments, but out of business needs.

That is how you make things happen by taking concrete actions like you've done and not moaning in a pity party like that looser mentioning my name in other posts.

Hope you got it?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 5:48pm On Nov 09, 2021

You are saying bullshit. My guess is that you are definitely one of the useless Nigerian HRMs that lacks courtesy and ethics. Giving feedbacks to unsuccessful applicants is part of the job. Service fee kill you there.

You are a little fool
Inconsequential and a vermin probably typing from underneath a dirty mattress in a slum
A being who is unable to state a point without insulting is a sub human in my books.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 5:26pm On Nov 09, 2021
Yet, when they receive the same treatment from candidates they start to breathe fire and brimstones, creating threads on Twitter and other social media platforms to hyperventilate and wail about it grin They don't like a dose of their own medicine at all.

I beg to differ, they owe you courtesy and fair treatment because;

1. You took time away from work to interview (if you are already working)
2. You may have even borrowed money or a suit to get there.
3. You may have also put your current job at risk by not showing up or lying that you are sick just to go and interview.
4. Interviewing can be a time consuming and money gulping venture in terms of transporting back and forth.

It doesn't take much to notify candidates about the status of their job applications, interviews and all. But, because most are badly behaved they act any how.

Nice, but think about it this way as a lady. i guess a beautiful one at that being toasted by 100's of guys.

1. He took time away from other toasting to toast you.
2. He may have even borrowed money or a suit to come toast you.
3. He may have also put his current relationship at risk by not showing up or lying that he is sick just to go and toast you.
4. Toasting can be a time consuming and money gulping venture in terms of transporting back and forth.

Does this mean that to be fair you have to respond to every guys that toasts you?
My guess is that you say yes to some, say no to some others, and for many others just let it slide past and face front instead of helping them calculate the stress they must have past through to come approach you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 5:12pm On Nov 09, 2021

What they owe you is the fact that they invited you for an interview. You deserve to know how you performed

Yep it would be great if they got back, but businesses are not really moved by emotions like that.
Some foreign companies get back to me, and some dont. I really don't care how I performed because it's largely bullshit talk.
They just had to pick one person, and that one person was not me.
You won't be told that you were not picked because you are black or because you stammer or because your hair was not combed.

It's polite if they get back, but if in a week you're yet to hear from them, move on. They don't deserve you.
In fact I am contacted on same day if I make it. Anything after 2 days, it's that I wasn't the first choice, but the first choice is having some issues with them
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 5:01pm On Nov 09, 2021

Actually they do. Communication is a two-way thing.

How will they feel if the person actually passed the interview and agreed on T&Cs and resumption date and doesn't turn up?

They will feel bad I guess and term the person a fraud or unserious person right?

It happens a lot. They'll feel bad and move on.
The business does not owe you, neither do you owe them until you have both been properly engaged within a contract that can be taken to court .

The emotional bit only improves as you and the business get more involved on a daily basis.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 4:57pm On Nov 09, 2021
Curtsey demands that they respond. Some people risk their lives to make interviews.
You can't afford to think like that.

They ought to, but don't bother if they don't.
Rather, think of owning your own business that would respond politely to unsuccessful job seekers

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Most Nigerian Recruiters Don't Get Back to Interviewees by esere826: 4:48pm On Nov 09, 2021
I have noticed a very annoying patterns with Nigerian organisations about interviews and employment. A job will be widely advertised, you will apply for the job, get invited for the interview. After the interview the recruiter maybe because you didn't perform well most often will not get back to you. You will have to wait endlessly.

I have a friend who is in Scotland. He moved from Nigeria in January this year. He told me that all the job interviews he attended, they all got back to him even when they did not give him an offer. They even went ahead to explain his performance at the interview and how he can improve better.

I understand its almost impossible to reach out to everyone that applied for a job, this is even stated by most recruiters during advertisement, my issues is that the few that you invited for interview deserve to know how they fared.

I know one can argue that not being reached means you weren't hired but its emotionally killing having to wait for a long time.

It would be great and polite if they responded, but they owe you nothing unfortunately.

It's like a movie start not greeting you back after you've said hi.
You're expending 1 person effort in saying hi to them, but they'd be expending thousands of persons energy to say hi back to every one that greets them.

Maybe if the firms were more tech savvy, they be able to within 5 minutes send an email to everyone not accepted, but unfortunately with the way they currently operate, it might be some 2 hrs of their time collating and sending out such mails, so not worth their time.

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Culture / Re: Warri Succession Crisis: Oba Of Benin Wades In, Meets Ologbotsere by esere826: 9:15am On Apr 17, 2021
The Oba of Benin is wise enough not to advice Emami about changing the rules in the middle of the game.
It's like his throne. There is a rule for it. It is passed from father to first son. It's not done the Yoruba or Fulani way were kings are chosen from princes.

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Culture / Re: I Remain Ologbotsere - Ayiri Emami Dares Ruling House by esere826: 1:51pm On Apr 03, 2021
After choosing Ayiri to be Ologbotsere despite his character, you want to turn around to complain about the same character?

That's the story of Buhari's voters


Nairaland / General / Re: I Notice Strange Marks On My Body When I Wake Up by esere826: 10:43pm On Mar 01, 2021
Religion / Re: 2021 Prophecies By Pastor Adeboye by esere826: 8:33am On Jan 01, 2021
International Scene

4) That for every vaccine discovered, there is already a variant in the making. This will continue until the high and mighty admit that safety is of the Lord. Proverbs 21:31. **Face-Palm** sebi you sef dey wear mask upon all your vaunted powers of anointing and healing

You have every right to argue against something like you did in the other points, but dont let your hatred for christianity blind you to common sense.

When other "big" pastors go ahead to have massive crowds packed like sardines with no one wearing masks dont you still critisize them?

Adeboye wears a face mask not because he is scared of covid, but because he is a leader and needs to lead by example so that it is easier for others to follow. Wont you critisize him for not seen to be following government protocols?

I also wear a face mask when I go out. It is not because I am scared of covid, but because in where I live, the government requires us to.
It would be stupid and make mockery of Christiany plus direct hatred towards us if newspapers carry a story that i was arrested and started protesting my arrest saying that I am a child of God and so Covid can not hurt me.

..just wear your thinking hat abeg.


Religion / Re: RCCG Cancels Cross-Over Service Nationwide by esere826: 1:04am On Dec 31, 2020

Your submission above is "sense-ruled". The Bible says in the last days many will be deceived even the very elect.
This is not a virus we are dealing with here. It's beyond that. The church is the only body that can stop the satanic plot to move before his time - the reason the church is the main target. I pray you are not deceived to collect that vaccine because you are lost forever! I hope this wisdom is not too high for you? #peace


sense ruled indeed.


Vaccine .....lost forever ......why?

Is vaccine given in the forehead or is it given in the right hand?
Last i knew, it is given on the arm, any arm.

What does the bible say about the mark of the beast that you that are supposed to a blazing son of God are so scared of?

Rev 13:16
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads

Ok, let's imagine that the vaccine is not the mark of the beast but poison, what did Jesus tell you?
Ah. Same verse that talks about healing the sick (let's say healing covid) also says:
Mark 16:18
They will pick up snakes, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them. They will place their hands on the sick and cure them."

O, let me guess your response. The scripture says drink and not inject abi?
But likewise the scripture says recieve mark and does not say receive injection

Do you have another high wisdom that you wanna share?

If you and your pastor want to go to church, no wahala
Just dont put your mouth into another persons ministry especially when you are still an infant lacking in understanding of things way bigger than you.
Religion / Re: RCCG Cancels Cross-Over Service Nationwide by esere826: 10:32am On Dec 30, 2020

You lie there! Christianity is very much alive! Not every minister is afraid of the virus! For those of you saying they are obeying authority, I have this question for you - why didn't the Apostles obey the authority when they were instructed/directed not to preach anymore in the name of Jesus? What was their response to the then authority?

This "covid period" has revealed alot to us about the state of some churches but thank God, the Church of Jesus Christ will definitely prevail. #shallom

"Respecting" protocols (or being seen to be respecting it) does not mean fear. It is actually wisdom
Why get 1,000 infected then only heal one? In your church is every single person healed or saved from whatever afflictions they have?
Why make enemy of the state for something as simple as chill till this is over (and it will be over)

Do you know that you became a christian because the state "supported" it?
If you dont know this, ever wondered why China is not full of Chrstians nor even full of those that can wage war to push their religion?
Wait a minute, even up North of Nigeria, how come with all the mega churches down south, you have not mobilized obeying God to go and preach the gospel forcefully in the North that is within a day's travel?

Do you know that while the angel of death plagued the Egyptians, the jews where isolating indoors as commanded by God?

Preaching the word does not only mean physical church, otherwise churches wont be broadcasting on tv and online.

In fact, insisting on stepping into church demonstrates a low level of faith. Remember that Jesus spoke the word to the centurions serveant without meeting the centurion or the serveant and yet there was healing

If your church has a branch in say UK, have you found out from them if they are respectful of what the government says about covid, or do they insist on "preaching the word" to a crowded church?

Where are your pastors kids (or where is the dad's wish for them to go)? are they in Nigeria where laws are broken to preach the gospel or in the western where gospel is preached within the law?


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Business / Re: Help!!! Someone Keeps Sending Money To My Account by esere826: 6:32pm On Sep 25, 2020
Hello nairalander!

Unknown someone keeps sending money to my diamond access bank, this is the second time am recieving money to my account, which is 30,290 & 30,136 naira and the text on the remark is a foreign name.

At first i got alert of 30,260 with remark "Stepan zemalek", at first i thought someone mistakenly sent money to my account, i said lemme wait if i will receive a call from someone claiming the money but nobody called to claim the money, not knowing that my bank have deducted 530 naira for sms fee nd 200 naira for stamp nd postal fee, i have to transfer the money the money to my rubies bank account with the hope somebody will call me nd claim the money.

Secondly, i got another alert of 30,136 with the remark saying "Jaonna LiebeltEtzler/18.9.20".

I dont remember giving anybody my bank details apart from my mom nd uncles, i have called my bank customer care to complain about it and to know who sent the money from my account but he said he cant disclose the information to me. i have complained to the bank and the keep saying their normal bla bla.

I need help on what to do next....below is the screenshot of the alert...

Someone or the police will soon come for that money. Whichever way, just as people have adviced get your protest to relevant authorities documented.

In the meantime, put the money into fixed accounts and take the profits it generates,
Family / Re: What Will You Do If You Have My Kind Of Parents? by esere826: 7:58pm On Sep 19, 2020
Greetings Nairalanders,
I want to seek for you peoples opinions regarding my family challenges.

I'm from a broken home. My parents divorced when I was a child of two years. I'm the only child from their union. My father and mother abandoned me and remarried to other spouse each. I passed through hell growing up with relatives who insulted me with all kinds of names and I was treated like a slave to their own children.

Because of public outcry about my dehumanizing treatment, my father came to village and took me to the city. It was from fry pan to fire experience as my father's new wife was maltreating me. At a point, my father asked me to leave his house that since my arrival, he don't have peace with his wife.

I packed to the house of a relative and work in a block industry to help myself. Most times, I slept in a CAC church close to the relative house as the two-room apartment is not enough for his family. My mother never care if I was alive. She never call me nor reply to letter I sent through someone to her. I continued working in the block industry and started a part time programme. I completed the part time programme and did my NYSC and master degree. I got a job with University of Ado Ekiti with the help of a course mate, managing myself now and surprisingly my mother and father started calling me often.

Both of them have 6 children each with their respective second spouse. Mother want his son to come and live with me, I refused and my father too have been requesting for financial assistance which I also refused. I don't want to have anything to do with both of them. My father's daughter recently called me to help her with school fees, I bluntly told her to ask her mother what she did to me and caught the call. Since then, she never call.

I'm alone and have just two friends. I don't have family. All of them calling now are just looking for what to get from me, not that they care about me. My mother never call me once to ask about my welfare even when I sent my phone number to her through her relative. I wrote WAEC, completed degree course before she started calling me and it is only to request for one thing or other. I'm planning to get married without telling them and build a separate family.

If your families action makes you a bitter person, then the christian faith teaches us to forgive. And its very important for your sanity not theirs.

But forgiving does not make you their bread winner or sustainer at all. That kind of forgiveness is based on the flesh wanting to be righteous. Your righteousness is of God, so you should be going to God in prayer if you feel hurt and telling him that you feel hurt but he should help you forgive them. He will do it for you.

You are not bound to help anyone, especially those who want a relationship with you because of money. Real families are not family only because they want something. These ones are gold diggers and you should avoid them so they dont negatively influence your kids with their wicked way of thinking.

Dont worry. In this life, the only family that you need is your God. He will give you true friends and a good family.

(Remember that forgiveness does not mean being close to someone nor giving them money. I dont know why people think it does)
Politics / Re: Ovie Omo-Agege Biography: 9 Facts About The Deputy Senate President by esere826: 3:48pm On Jun 11, 2019
Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege on Tuesday emerged the Deputy Senate President of the ninth National Assembly.

He was declared the winner after polling 68 votes.

Here are nine facts you need to know about him:

• Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege is a Nigerian lawyer and politician.

• He is currently representing the Delta State central senatorial district.

Omo-Agege is from Orogun in Ughelli North local Government of Delta State.

• He was born on the 3 August 1963 (age 55 years).

• He was elected as senator representing Delta central senatorial district on March 28, 2015.

• He was the only senator elected on the platform of the Labour Party (LP) in the Senate.

• Omo-Agege is married and he has five children.

• He defected from Labour Party to the All Progressive Congress (APC) in March 2017.

• Senator Ovie Omo-Agege was accused of leading thugs to steal the mace in the senate assembly – a symbol of authority April 2018.


His dad was I think the firs chief justice of Delta state

His dad was the trial judge in Aneni's robbery case

He was the SSG of Delta

He was in PDP

He is very close to Ibori

He acted the spoiler role for the urhobos in PDP governorship elections

He's quite articulate

There's a rumour that his dad who would otherwise be a good guy, carried out political hatchet jobs for Ibori with the guarantee that it will progress his son's career

He is quite detribalised

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