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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu: Lagos Blue Line Rail Project Is Currently At 90% Completion by mbhs139(m): 1:00am On Apr 25
For a state as rich as Lagos its embarrassing that this project has taken this long considering how important it is in easing traffic gridlock which has become the logo of Lagos almost 2 decades now and it is still under construction. it should have been given priority and long completed. Judging by the pace of work on this project 4th mainland bridge will take 30 yrs if it ever kicks off.

I don't even know what to say to you...

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Family / Re: How I Sent My Troublesome First Wife Packing Peacefully by mbhs139(m): 5:54pm On Mar 31
My first wife got pregnant for me when she was in the university and i had just newly secured a job with a high paying firm. She was the daughter of a big businessman at the time and we were from a conservative society, so we had to sharply perform the marriage rites and settle her family handsomely because they accused me of impregnating their daughter before marriage and sought compensations.
Fast-forward to our marriage life, she started making life hell for me after the birth of our first son.
Hadiza was a real trouble maker and I was beginning to think I made a mistake marrying her, she would nag all day when she was pregnant and won't cook meals at home or do domestic chores. In fact I spent most of the nights on empty stomach, my consolation being that she would put to bed one day. She would only have sex when she felt like doing it and it must have been after a good treat.

Things got worse after she put to bed. She complains that she spends the whole day caring for our young son that she can barely think about anything else.
She prefers to watch TV all day and spend her whole time on social media instead of cooking, doing dishes, , domestic chores or getting a job. She once asked me to prepare breakfast in bed for her on a Monday morning when I was supposed to get to work early for an appointment. I returned home that day hungry but she had refused to prepare food because I didn't make her breakfast in bed. She was so engrossed in telemundo fantasies that she thought she could dictate what direction our marriage swings.
I got tired and decided to teach her a lesson
On this fateful night, she snored irritatingly like a pig in my room and accused me of snoring like a pig, stressing that I need urgent medical check up . I told her she would know who was snoring like a pig, and who needs medical checkup after i'm done with her.I left my room and went to sleep in the guest room.
The following day i left home for work without taking breakfast afterwhich i went to see my lawyer. I issued a court summon to my wife through a court clerk.
I was told, She couldn't believe her eyes after she read through and discovered that i was seeking a divorce
She Refused to sign the papers and told the court clerk that i should kom and tell her with my mouth, stressing that she didn't marry me through a letter. She said i should kom and give her the papers myself if I was man enough.
The court clerk said he tried cajoling her into signing the papers peacefully but she screamed "He is my husband, I can't divorce him" and ran away with hot tears rolling down her cheek.
You know what happened next, i went straight to area command where my good friend works and left for home with 5 armed policemen.
In quick strides we searched for her and found her in her bedroom upstairs. She sat in the bed looking morose and jumped up fearfully when she saw us.
I pointed to her and told the men to escort her out of my house. Before she could say pim, one of the policeman a corporal, clamped handcuffs on her hand and told her to be cooperative as to follow them to the station. She protested very loudly and struggled to free herself, but it was too late, my mind was already made up. She ended up in tears making strong appeals to me but I kept a stony face. The policemen dragged my wife into the waiting van.

One of them came to me and asked to take her things along with her. I was shocked, because I bought everything in the house with my money. The sergeant kept his mouth shut when he saw the look on my face.
I gave him an address and asked him to drop my former wife in that address where her father lives.
Then I locked up the bungalow I bought for my 1st wife and joined my second wife in the estate.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: My Trip To Abraka to see my son by mbhs139(m): 11:53pm On Mar 25
It's like Delta State has a weather of instilling smartness on young children,I love Chisoms smartness.He is too smart for a four year old.Our children for Abuja here too dey do aje-butter.

That four years old boy for warri go sell 10 years old boy for this Canada and collect change. The one wey dey vex me pass na when dem wan cross road grin. I am like, come and try cross road like this in 9ja

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Travel / Re: Which African Country Is The Best To Relocate To? by mbhs139(m): 4:26pm On Mar 17

Grass ain't greener elsewhere.... Better perfect your hustle in Nigeria and earn good money using your leverage as a citizen so that you can vacation abroad than to go become 5th class citizens and a stranger where everybody hates you because you are a Nigerian


Lies from the pit of hell embarassed
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelensky Says 'We Realized That Ukraine Will Not Become A Member Of NATO' by mbhs139(m): 11:41pm On Mar 15
Cele tan Selensky.

grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine’s Zelenskyy: A Wartime Statesman For The Social Media Age (Photos) by mbhs139(m): 6:02pm On Mar 07

Russia wants him to flee so that casala go burst... Dude said no like a typical Jew who was in Warsaw (Poland) and saw war tire.

Zelensky is just saying one thing to Russia and that's : " we die here together"

My kind of dude. Omoh na who give up, Bleep up. Zelensky carry day go.

Times man of the year loading...
Nobel peace prize loading...
Sun Newspaper man of the year...
IgbereTV man of the year...
Sahara reporters man of the year...
Ijelespeaks man of the year...
BBNaija winner 2022 grin grin

Long live Ukraine
Long live Zelensky
Long live you way like this post
Long live my humble self

Na people like you dey push person until the persoin die finish
Travel / Re: Frozen Lake: A Trip To Lake Simcoe In Ontario ) Pictures) by mbhs139(m): 1:25pm On Mar 06

But People aren’t the same nah.
We have some people who can sleep with their AC on so cold overnight while some of us can’t.

smiley smiley smiley funny you're comparing AC with Canada's cold. Can you AC be at -39 degree. I doubt it.[b][/b]
Travel / Re: Frozen Lake: A Trip To Lake Simcoe In Ontario ) Pictures) by mbhs139(m): 4:35pm On Mar 05

Omo, nothing can make me go to Canada and Russia. Never!!! Na cold go kill me for there. UK and USA are still better.

But cold never kill those of us wey dey there nah
Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by mbhs139(m): 12:27am On Jan 17
Guys, check out various courses on Simpli learn. Details below

Have you been thinking of learning some IT skills�,

Simpllilearn has different FREE courses you can take, at least 3 different courses in 90days, smash that 2022Goals✌�



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Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by mbhs139(m): 7:23pm On Jan 07

Computer science.

Why not Mathematics & Statistics? Why Computer Science? What has Computer Science gat to do with Data Science?
Romance / Re: My Friend Wants To Come To My Parents House With His Girlfriend To Have Sex. by mbhs139(m): 12:23am On Jan 04

E badt as e get, you must be stupid to have given ear to that. Your friend Papa no get house? if you continue allowing friends use you like this your doom is very near, as I sense you are still a teen or late teen na your type dey make front page for University matter wey no concern them.

When we were young, we lived in the boys quarter, with our friends of course- 3, 4, and 5 of them sometimes.

Alhaji will once in a while just burst into our rooms, and will be sniffing the air. At the end, he wont find nor smell anything. We don't smoke nor drink anyway.

Sometimes, when we come back from outing, we would notice that our bags have been ransacked. Only God knows what he's looking for.

Upon all that, we still have our way of sneaking girls into the rooms. At the end, he gave us six months notice, and we all moved out of his house, even before the expiration date.

He's fund of bragging that he built the house before he was 30, despite no university education. Thankfully, all of us, as I type this, are scattered in different countries oversea. May his soul rest in peace.

The OP perhaps is still a child, sharing, may be, room and parlor, or two, three or four bedroom flat with his family. If that's the case, it wouldn't be advisable to allow your friends such. It's disrespectful.

But if you leave in a different building entirely in the compound, perhaps with a different entrance, like a boys quarter, that's no more "your parent's house" as you put it. Most especially if you're the one feeding yourself. This also depends on how old and responsible you are.

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Culture / Re: Lekan Balogun Not Qualified To Be Olubadan - Michael Lana Writes Makinde by mbhs139(m): 12:09am On Jan 04

Try and get full understanding. If the Ajimobi plan was not rejected and challenged by Ladoja, Ladoja would either have become an Oba too or lost his position in the hierarchy.
It was obvious the Ajimobi plan was not well thought out but borne of arrogance. If not, he would have been informed that the implication of his actions is that all those who received crowns and staff of office automatically lose their right to the olubadan stool.

That's it! No comment!


Culture / Re: Lekan Balogun Not Qualified To Be Olubadan - Michael Lana Writes Makinde by mbhs139(m): 12:07am On Jan 04
Otun olubadan and Balogun are more or less Kings especially the Balogun who is a field marshal/Generalissimo

That's illogical.

Otun Olubadan and Balogun, according to the Yoruba culture and traditional are nothing more than a chief or chiefs. Balogun/Otun and King can't be in the same sentence, except you want to rewrite Yoruba history.

A king is a King, a chief is a chief, no matter how powerful the chief is, he's still but what, a chief.

The argument of the learned counsel, that an King (or Oba) cannot be elevated to being a king is very correct and tenable.

Thank you and God bless you.


Programming / Re: Steering The Wheel Of Tech Startups In Nigeria by mbhs139(m): 11:33pm On Aug 19, 2021

Cyber Security is not mainly an accounting stuff. Yeah. It is great. However, if hackers break into the system, you are in soup. grin What did I say? You are in soup.

Salesforce is a good one. There is a guy who talks about it here, and I know he is ready to assist.

I can't remember I ever said cyber security is mainly an accounting stuff. We have seen people who didn't have any previous background or knowledge become software engineers. What exactly is your point sir?
Programming / Re: Steering The Wheel Of Tech Startups In Nigeria by mbhs139(m): 4:56pm On Aug 19, 2021

This is primarily why I am switching from my Accounting background to "Financial Analyst/ Data analyst"...To get a remote job opportunity and move out, especially now that I am still in my early 30s. Before it gets too late, let me move out. Lol

As an accountant, I would also suggest you consider Cyber Security or System Security as it were. Especially if you have experience in accounting. This wont be difficult for you to grab since you have been taught and know internal control as an accountant. My friend, an ACCA Member, moved to the US, Washington DC, and he's now in the Tech Security industry. Accounting has no future.

Salesforce is another good area.

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Properties / Re: Updated Cost Of Renting A 3 Bedroom Apartment In Lagos by mbhs139(m): 3:23am On Jul 26, 2021
Honestly ehn, the best place to live in Lagos is Ikeja. You can add Maryland, Ogudu and Gbagada.

Island is overrated. I am not even talking about flooding o, just fucking overrated.

You should rather say one of the best place, because those places you mentioned are nothing compared to Sabo-Yaba


Politics / Re: PMB Allocates Houses To 1994 Super Eagles Squad by mbhs139(m): 2:42am On Jun 25, 2021
What of Rasheed Yekini, is he not part of the Tunisia 94 cup of nations Nigeria?

...and Austin Jay-Jay Okocha?
Politics / Re: Twitter Needs India And Nigeria To Grow. It's Running Into Trouble In Both by mbhs139(m): 7:04pm On Jun 13, 2021

The danger is that foreign tech companies should not be in a position to determine what is good to say and what is not good to say. It even gets more complicated when the CEO of the company keeps mixing his political views with what users of the company’s platform can say or cannot say.

Another problem is the issue of regulation. A media space that is unregulated will sooner or later create chaos. The media contributed significantly to the Rwanda genocide. We all saw the role Twitter played in the destruction of Lagos last year and the Capitol Hill riot early this year. It’s good for tech companies to promote freedom of speech but they must do so under a define regulatory framework and without political bias.

Twitter is registered as a business entity in UK, EU, India and other advanced countries. They should also be made to register as a company in Nigeria under our laws.

"For many in India, the debate around social media usage in the country is not so much about freedom of speech but rather about a foreign company challenging the might of the Indian government, Pahwa told CNN Business. He added that the ban in Nigeria "adds more fuel to that fire."

How educated lots in Nigeria failed to see the bold part is something that needs to be studied. For me, it's not far fetched. It's hatred for one man at the helms of affair. Therefore, the country can go to blazes, they don't care. But let's tell them that Buhari will go, Nigeria will remain, and whatever they destroy, it is them and their generation yet unborn that will surfer it


Phones / Re: My OTP Still Sends To My Old Number Instead Of The Updated New Number by mbhs139(m): 4:54am On May 22, 2021
My bank OTP Still Sends to My old number Instead of the Updated new Number and I went to the bank (FIDELITY BANK ooooo) and complained that my Otp is still sending to my old number which is already blocked and definitely with a new user Instead of the new number I came here to update.

The fidelity bank staff collected every details and told me it is done and that I should try again in 48 hrs which I did but the problem continues. I went back again and they did another magic and said I should try but still the otp still goes to the old number,

I went back again and the staffs there said they have tried their best that they don't know what to do again, lol ( I was shocked- Imagine, are fidelity staffs this Incompetent?). This particular issue has been on for like a month but still fidelity bank staffs couldn't resolve an online banking issue. Quite suprising.

Please Good people of God how can I resolve this issue because it is totally frustrating?

Please help oooooooo

You're not in this alone. I have been begging First Bank for nearly one week now to allow my OTP to come through my email. I have done everything they asked me to do. Send the data page of International Passport, Notarized Letter, Signed Indemnity Form, Spoken with Customer Service several times and all that, yet no show. Now, they're not even answering my mail anymore, and Customer Service is not picking my call anymore.

My mum is sick, I have to go cap in hand borrowing money up and down.

When you think incompetence is only pervasive in Nigeria's government establishment, the private sector is second to none
Business / Re: China Bans Financial Institutions From All Cryptocurrency Business by mbhs139(m): 3:18am On May 21, 2021
You can live in Canada and know nothing. I don't need to argue with you. Google can also be your friend.

grin grin grin

Since you have directed me to google, here is what I find for you. Tell me how this buttress your claim. that crypto is the future currency of the US, Canada and UK. Something that is already threatening their tax system, and even security.

"MARKETS: U.S. Treasury calls for stricter cryptocurrency compliance with IRS, says they pose tax evasion risk"

Link: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/20/us-treasury-calls-for-stricter-cryptocurrency-compliance-with-irs.html

Read it up here.

I am done with you
Business / Re: China Bans Financial Institutions From All Cryptocurrency Business by mbhs139(m): 1:57am On May 20, 2021
Crypto is not for all. Anyone in crypto understand the risk of losing and winning. It is a volatile market. Countries like Canada, Russia, China and US are planning to introduce their digital currency, which I think will boost crypto more. Crypto is startedlike nothing but has a huge market today. Remember people criticize internet when it first come out, so don't think crypto does not have a future. It may just be regulated in future.

I live in Canada. I have been living in Canada for a while, and I have never heard of anything you mentioned there about Canada planning to introduce digital currency. At least, my new channel on tv is locked to CP24, and my new channel on the PC is locked to NBC News, that's in the US, and I've not heard of anything of such.

Anyway, that's by the way. Now, to the point.

The point I am trying to debunked from the other guy's post is that crypto isn't going to replace traditional currency, not anytime soon. Besides, if you mean card payment, then I agree with you, because like I said, I can't remember the last time I touched any kind of currency with my hands. It's either my card or a tap of the phone at the store, or auto pay on the laptop.

For me, I don't see any future with crypto....I see MMM loading, premium tears, like 2008 Global Economic Meltdown
Business / Re: China Bans Financial Institutions From All Cryptocurrency Business by mbhs139(m): 12:43am On May 19, 2021
Crypto is the currency of the future, All paper based fiat currencies will eventually become useless over time due to the effects of inflation.
The earlier governments realize this and set up regulatory frameworks to regulate crypto, the better.

How deluded!

"All paper based fiat currencies will eventually become useless over time due to the effects of inflation...."

Useless my foot! grin Economist of Doom! So, if paper based currencies becomes useless due to inflation, what then will drive Crypto?

You mumu no be small grin The UK Central Bank, The US Central Bank, et al., will open their eyes as their currency becomes useless because of one lousy Cryptocurrency? grin

Who is using paper based currency again that much if not in your shithole country as aptly described by Trump.

I can't remember the last time I ever saw nor touched any form of currency. When you have your credit card embedded into your phone, with a single tap at the store.

Continue with your Crypto... e go shock all of you.

The 2008 global meltdown comes to mind. The sad part is that it'll affect everybody, even those who knew nothing about it.

Politics / Re: Osun Government Shuts Central Mosque Over Inability To Install New Imam by mbhs139(m): 12:49am On May 12, 2021
I'm sure the fighting over who becomes Imam is between yoruba Muslims and the other northern Muslims

I urge all Yoruba sons and daughters to please push back this Yoruba Muslim/Yoruba Christian narratives. There's nothing like that among the Yorubas.

We are simply Yoruba. It is the tactics of the outsiders, our enemies, to divide us along religious line. Don't fall for this tactics in whatever guise, not even if you hate Buhari or hate Sunday Igboho. Buhari will go Yoruba will remain.

There's hardly any Yoruba family that is not mixed, religiously, across the two major religions.

Please Please Please, I beg you all well meaning Yorubas to please push back this narrative. Don't let us to turn Yoruba land into the land of killings of one another and destructions of property in the name of religion. Remember, we are omo nuabi- please please please. Thank you.


Politics / Re: Lagos Uses Concrete Pavement For 18km Eleko Epe Junction by mbhs139(m): 10:46am On May 11, 2021
Well nice development,I wish they could Probably extend to Ajah also.

PS; The roads Ambode built @ Epe remains one of The best roads in Nigerian.
If road's where like that all over Nigeria there would be less of Traffic and accident.

Not necessarily the best bro. A road that doesn't take the safety of road users into consideration can't be described the way you have put it. if you know the number of lives that have been lost on several sections of that road, due to the fact that the population density and proper user design consideration was not put in place, like speed breakers and so on, you'd be shocked. Nevertheless, that is not to take the credit away from former Governor Ambode.

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Travel / Re: Is My Visa Agent A Scam? by mbhs139(m): 11:40pm On May 06, 2021

The medical ought to come after I get a reply from the embassy sir
I will get it the company name and mail you directly

OK. No problem. I am waiting.
Travel / Re: Is My Visa Agent A Scam? by mbhs139(m): 11:31am On May 06, 2021

A company filed for me sir , the agent only had the link and my job was to provide some personal information needed..

Have you done medical examination? If yes, where and when?

Answer this, and let's take it up from there.

Also, if you can, drop the name of the company that gave you the employment. I am in Canada and will help you check it out.

O ya, let's take it up from there...

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Travel / Re: Is My Visa Agent A Scam? by mbhs139(m): 11:26am On May 06, 2021

Bros it's normal. Due to the covid 19 protocol applications are only submitted online and you only do your biometric at the vfs offices around and come to think of it you are applying for work visa it takes time bro. Calm down and update me as things unfold and I will tell if it's a scam or not enjoy

Medicals are done and passed before you're invited for Biometric. It is the IRCC that sends you a mail for Biometric after you must have passed medical at a designated medical center or hospital, IUM or Q-Life. Anything other than this, as far as I know, isn't correct. Please don't give him false hope

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Travel / Re: Is My Visa Agent A Scam? by mbhs139(m): 11:23am On May 06, 2021
You all talking about Biometric and VFS bla bla bla, have you asked OP if he has done medical?

Medical is the first thing before Biometric and all that. And OP, if you have done medical, and your medical isn't at any of these two hospitals in Lagos or Abuja, QLife, Victoria Island; or IUM, Ikeja...sorry, you've been scammed.

You made me brake my vow not to comment on Nairaland again.

Someone I know sent me a similar document to help her verify. She has spent over a million naira. She did her medical at a General Hospital in Ikeja- that's the red light.

Mind you, in case this helps you, I've been living in Canada as a permanent resident for sometime now. I went through the process, I know the process, and I am telling you.

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Sports / Re: The Champions League Quarter Finals by mbhs139(m): 7:52pm On Mar 21, 2021

Lol where the contradiction? It's an if clause statement, if they beat Porto then they will be at the finals, semi finals will be easy, but then the first step to be at the finals is to beat Porto.


That's what I'm saying nau...let them at least beat Porto first.

That was how Nigeria's Super Eagles had not yet played Denmark, we were already thinking of how to defeat Brazil. The rest like they say is history
Sports / Re: The Champions League Quarter Finals by mbhs139(m): 8:44pm On Mar 19, 2021
I see Chelsea in the final and possibly lifting the cup......argue with your key pad. Liverpool or Real Madrid no match for Chelsea
if they beat Porto at the quarterf fnals.

You have contradicted yourself, at the bold part "if". Why not wait until they beat Porto

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