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Family / Re: Oga Landlord And Marriage Life: One Of The Reasons I Hate Marriage! by Boss13: 12:19am

There this place used to live.
The owner lives there and his wife was at university with their daughter.
This man always came home with different ladies and
I did not care about his business as I minded my business in my boys quarters.

However, every now and then, my neighbors will ask me
"did you here that noise last night?"
And I will reply "what noise"?

Then they would narrate how he was blwpping another loud lady all night.

Well I later got tired of the place because he kept one rude and
Nasty lady walk all over everyone in the compound.
Which made me begin to suspect they have a se3ual history.


His wife later graduated and came home.
All of a sudden, the man, who was almost always at home before,
Started going out all day.

Being a real estate mogul, I suspected he was going out to sleep at other places he owns.

Well, just yesterday, I heard he is now blwpping one of the new tenants in that BQ.

In fact, I heard it is his Gf that he gave the place for that very purpose.

This S3x madness is getting too much in this generation O!

Mind your business
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: My Dad Calls Me “Ms Abena” by Boss13: 4:15pm On Apr 25
Trying hard to promote the song. Not a great song but I see and respect the effort.
Romance / Re: My Ex Husband Finaly Admited To me he is dating 30 years older Woman by Boss13: 2:02am On Apr 25
Hello all.My ex Nigerian husband that is 30 years old divorced me because i couldnt give him papers.We live in my country.I am white.Anyway he moved on so fast.When we divorced he started going to clubs ading other girls like he never even loved me..But what i always suspected that he wil be with one woman that he chated with even while we were married.Woman is 58 years old.She is black and she has US pasport and lives in US.She has good job a car 3 kids and grandchildren.My ex husband admited to me that that woman wil come to him when he goes back to Nigeria.He told me is coz she can help his life...Bt what about kids?Can she give him kids?Wil he stay forever with her?That woman doesnt lool that old and i see they have alot similar hobies...

Why are you interested and bothered in your ex-husband’s life. Do you understand the meaning of “ex”
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Apostle Johnson Suleman New Private Jet by Boss13: 12:57pm On Apr 23
Genuine question! These men are attention seekers.
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman's Private Jet Confirmed By Omega Fire Ministries Dubai by Boss13: 12:56pm On Apr 23
This man is living his best life. His Heaven is actually here on earth.

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Family / Re: Boyfriend And Family by Boss13: 8:19pm On Apr 22

Why do you want to destroy other people with your opinion.i can imagine your personality.you were writing has if you were so sure.

She is sad person. Her opinions depicts one undergoing excruciating sadness

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Romance / Re: Why Are Younger Ladies Marrying Old Men? by Boss13: 8:16pm On Apr 22

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Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 5:52pm On Apr 22
The best thing you can do is to take care and simply love your woman. I do not how it works but they can feel it and accept your warmth. My dear future wife once said that she loved me because I care about her with all my heart. Now we plan our wedding and even have chosen invitations with nice wording https://www.weddingforward.com/wedding-invitation-wording/
I thank God every day that I have found her!

That’s very good for you Sir. However, if she falls within any of the categories listed, you would be coming back with a different story
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 4:26am On Apr 22
Yes, I truly do. Thanks for that.

For you, focus on training your children and stop coming online to dish out old men's advice in a modern age. I thought age comes with widsom. Or is it different for Nigerian old men?

I'm glad your maturity is gradually returning. For me, my childishness and playfulness is an asset.

I don't take things too seriously, except it's business. People who live a fun and none-rigid life live happier.

Each childish behavior I portray is not free, but a skill. You can buy it for as cheap as 10k. This is less than the $1000 you wanted to bet.

Visit our online shop at www.shop.wetclef.com to purchase any book you want.

Good to know you are admitting being a child. A huge step. I’m sorry I do not patronize the products of kids because I have outgrown them and they will be of no relevance to me. I wish you well as you seek help to grow. You desperately need it and I hate to tell you that my kids would also not patronize any of your products not now or in the future because the ignorance you have complied into a booklet would not fit into their lifestyle.

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Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 1:54am On Apr 22

You didn't do anything when you were much younger. If you did, share your story. I know you'll say you're too big and old for that.

Let me tell you who you are. You were a nervous nice guy who ended up with the wrong woman because you got no game and now want to advise men on who to marry after clulessly getting married without knowing how women work.

I gained admission at very young age. So, I learned and experienced things at an early stage in life. Even as a grandpa that you are, you still won't have the privilege to experience them. Luckily, you can read them in my books and learn—if you can afford the book.

You, at a grandpa stage, you're finally coming online to tell men things. Grandpa, you're too old for this. I'm disappointed in you. You sounded mature at first, but now you're sounding like a kid. Where has your maturity gone? Kindly check your age and see if what you're doing is right.

Focus on raising your children and stop putting sand on women's food, especially unmarried women with kids.

You've got someone to be on your side in exchanging words and now you're being vocal and running your mouth like the kid you claimed not to be. Aren't you acting like a kid, grandfather? Where has your dignity gone? So, you were pretending to be a matured man all these while?

After this thread dies, your shine stops. I regret engaging you, but at least, I have some posts up there I'll come to copy and turn to a book. One day, your son or grandson will buy it. Trust me.

Have a nice day, Mr. $1000.

Learn to grow up. You truly need it.


Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 10:36pm On Apr 21
cheesy This is not the first time you've attacked me. It's sad to see a young kid like you wallow in pains and hatred. Now, you can react like chemical let us watch and smile. grin

Nobody is attacking you - you just talk like a boy but claim to be a man.

I can bet you $1000 that you did not gain a traction of what I experienced during my single days. However, why should I brag about irrelevant things. Men don’t do that. Men explore bigger opportunities and not how they bed women. Those are the exploits of boys.

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Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 10:35pm On Apr 21

My friend you're a boy and plainly stupid..It's only juvenile beings that would get excited and want to emulate this kind of lifestyle...

You better don't incite susceptible minds to destruction with this toxic attitude of yours.

Anyways matured men are talking here so please take a sit, paper and biro and learn. BE HUMBLE

I sincerely laugh at him. In 2009 he was a university student. He is yet to grow. What’s so funny with his disposition is that he brags about being skillful with sex. These are what boys do so he is still on track and not yet lost. When he gets married maybe there would be hope for him.

He thinks 10 years from now he would still have the same energy he brags about or the sex interest he so cherish and if he does then he is a pervert.
Romance / Re: Game Of Thrones Episode 2 Leaks With Arya and Gendry Sex Scene ( Photos ) by Boss13: 10:29pm On Apr 21
Not trying to be holier than thou but why does GOT portray 2 many sex scenes, even incest and women-degrading nudity? It does not really make it exciting!
I feel the show would still be compelling and exciting without the whole sex scenes

because the producers feel sex sells. On the contrary, GOT is successful because of the story line

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Romance / Re: Game Of Thrones Episode 2 Leaks With Arya and Gendry Sex Scene ( Photos ) by Boss13: 10:27pm On Apr 21
The producers of the series are disgusting. They could not resist themselves. Utterly disgusting!


Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 10:25pm On Apr 21
Go luck with your bedroom skills and continue to conquer the world with it. You are a great achiever
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 7:44pm On Apr 21

I like your reply, but there is something I don't like about it and that is one of the mistake most nice guys make. If you don't want a dramatic woman in marriage, you must be the drama yourself. Men who don't do this always suffer.

I'd advise you to read a short post on our site on 7 Reasons You Should Offend Women. Any man who doesn't read that post will miss a lot in marriage. That post is a Savior.

Read it here: www.wetclef.com/topic251.html

I have read the link you posted. Thanks for posting. However, I would say it was written by someone who is truly not interested in having a successful marriage. As each day goes by women are fighting for more rights and the world is becoming more sympathetic to the feminine cause. Women are not disposable toys. The advice on that post can be successful for dating and not marriage.

The woman would leave you and take the kids with her or even worse leave the kids with you. Your wife is your partner and not a footstool to kick around and disrespect.

Men don’t accept bullshit during dating as they screen out potential wife materials. In marriage, women don’t accept bullshit. This you will come to realize when you marry. Trust me on this. Also, note people are watching. The way you treat your wife is the way society will treat you.

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Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 7:19pm On Apr 21

My comment didn't brag about sleeping around, it discourages it. It focuses on being great in bed, not sleeping around. It also focuses on not yielding to a woman's demand and being controlled by a woman because of sex. At the same time it focuses on self-development.

Yes, reading and comprehension are two different things. I know you can read, but I'm skeptical about comprehension.

This is not an attack, but an advice because you refused to take out the meat in my post, but focused on chewing the bones.

Enjoy your youth. Bragging about being good in bed is equally not an achievement. As you age, these things become less important. As you get older, a woman will not sleep with you because you are Superman on the sheet but because you can guarantee her financial security.


Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 5:56pm On Apr 21

Utter waste of who you truly are if you decide to be someone else. Just be yourself but open your eyes. There are far more important things in life than trying to be who you are not.

Many of the world's leaders in terms of ideas are betas. The only place where your "alpharism" works is on women. What is the aim then of a so called Real man who fuxks say 1000 hoes? There are far more grounding discoveries and achievements than being a real man. There's no medal nor award for being a REAL man/ alpha male. My honest advice, just better yourself to achieve all your dreams and leave your mark in this world.

Very well said. A real man chases and accomplishes his dreams. I didn’t want to tell him that because I believe he is still a boy who would grow up. Sleeping with multiple women is not an accomplishment. It’s a total waste of time and money. Bragging about sleeping with numerous women is plain stupidity.


Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Friend I Have Been Dating His Ex? by Boss13: 5:35pm On Apr 21
hmm.. thanks a lot.. i know this friendship is gonna crash.. i mean everything will crash, relationship too.. cus i am actually hating maself n the girl right now..

Yea you should feel horrible and even more for paying her tuition.
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 5:23pm On Apr 21

And the Red flags are better spotted before any form of involvement not after entering into a swamp. So it's better one have an open mind over all these things so that if a particular individual of interest doesn't check out, one can easily withdraw.

Also not neglecting the aspect of Spirituality which is also very very important.

CC: lalasticlala

Yes you cannot ignore spirituality, but again I cannot delve into that aspect as I am not adept on it.
Romance / Re: What Would You Do? by Boss13: 5:08pm On Apr 21

It’s a situation that is currently happening
I will point the man in the middle of this in that direction.

Wow - it sounds like a fictitious story. However, he doesn’t owe the vicious woman a dime. Let her carry out her threat and end up in jail. Maybe that’s the place for such kind of people. He should be lucky and grateful to the UK Home Office for saving him.
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Friend I Have Been Dating His Ex? by Boss13: 5:02pm On Apr 21


Absolutely ridiculous! My Goodness. I just can’t advise such a young man
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 5:00pm On Apr 21

There will always be an inner voice if you listen pointing out the red flags but lucky you that it never progressed to marriage.

You have itemized very valid points and i agree with you. Though some may narrowly pull through if they make that mistake but it's usually a very slim margin.

Yes - the moment you spot the red flags, quietly remove yourself from the equation before you complicate matters. These advice is the same I would give my son when he is of marriageable age. I still read threads on Nairaland involving young men who are about to mortgage their future. Avoid these pitfalls
Romance / Re: What Would You Do? by Boss13: 4:45pm On Apr 21
A man gets a job abroad three months after the woman he was engaged to broke off the engagement and married someone else.
The man who is a doctor got a post in England everything seemed to be going well. A year later he met this girl, he told her he was not looking for a serious relationship she was ok with that ( initially).

Two months into their situation the woman started to drop hints that she wanted more than just meeting up and was pressuring the guy to get her pregnant. He refused. She then told him her immigration status was precarious and she had been living in the UK illegally. In the third month the woman was served with a deportation notice.
Initially the guy felt sorry for her, and wanted to help so he paid for her to leave the UK voluntarily rather than be deported. The plan was he would try to help her return.

He travelled to Nigeria to help only to realise that he had been deceived about how bad her immigration situation was. She had multiple deportations as well as and numerous immigration violations. He tried to get her back to the UK twice but both applications where declined.

He then told the woman that he could do no more. They had only known each other for three months and he was not ready to wife anyone. So he told her it was over.

The woman got very angry as she believed that if she left the UK voluntarily he would travel to Nigeria to marry her and she would be able to return. Now her people have gone to visit the man’s family and insist that the guy marry the woman or there will not know any peace. The woman is “refusing” to accept that the relationship is over and constantly sends threatening messages to the guy or asks friends so spy on him to make sure he is not with someone
He has met someone and is serious about this girl but the woman in Nigeria refuses to accept this and states she will have this other woman killed if she travels to Nigeria.
The woman’s family and some of the guys family are urging him to just marry her so that there is peace. He has refused.

What are your thoughts regarding this? Does the woman have a genuine claim? Is the guy being fair?

Is this super story or true story. If it’s real, I did a thread on how young men can pick their wives. Go and read it and apply both your present scenario and that of the vicious lady to the categories listed
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Friend I Have Been Dating His Ex? by Boss13: 4:40pm On Apr 21
What is wrong with these young men paying school fees for ladies they are not married to
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 4:36pm On Apr 21

I retract my statement bro. Sorry about that.
But I think you are talking base on ur own personal experience. Honestly, I have seen marriages blossom without these rules. I

Laughs - you see the shades of happiness that wants to be shown.

What I wrote here is what elderly ones don’t tell or don’t know how to tell younger ones.
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 4:22pm On Apr 21
Hope your mum has her PhD.
Idiot post...

And to think you can find all these your qualities in one woman is foolhardy

Please note that first, I’m not your age mate. Second, to involve my late mom into this, depicts your upbringing.

You can critique without being ridiculous. To answer your question, yes you can find women who don’t fall into these categories.

I will tell you a story for free. I was deeply in love with a lady and was considering spending the rest of my life with her. However, she was from a broken home. The father was never in her life. The mom was out of the country and only sent money for upkeeps. She was brought up by relatives. She graduated school, but I noticed some form of unserious behavior. I got her a job and also tried to motivate her.

Recall I said I was deeply in love with her. Logically I knew marrying this woman would cause me future pain, but I was in love and didn’t want to lose her. I assessed her family structure and financial well-being and it was not healthy in all ramifications. She wanted me to introduce her to my parents, but I couldn’t and then the problems started. She decided to get involved with someone else and told me she wasn’t interested anymore. I was deeply hurt.

Guess what - her marriage is in bad shape. The guy she left me for married her and I would have been that man. Both her and the husband are terribly unhappy and are considering divorce. I am not mocking her - Hell No, but I am highlighting that if I had followed my heart, I would be miserable and may have divorced her.

Love is not enough for marriage - Young man.
Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 3:55pm On Apr 21

Rubbish Post undecided
You don't know the meaning of Love.
Its not a feeling. Love is Living.

Thanks for your opinion. I’m very well versed in love due to age and experience. I can tell you all about it and the fantasies. What I have said is the reality. Don’t marry only for love. If you do, then be ready for rough consequences. Why

- It would hurt you to your soul when the person you love call you disgusting names.
- It would hurt you to your bones when the person you love ignores you.
- Men who are so passionately in love with their partners do not end up well. They are the first to commit crime out of passion.

Those who are married understand what I’m saying. You can choose to ignore the advice. However, when you do marry, you will see the pitfalls before your eyes.


Romance / Re: Men & Marriage - How To Pick Your Wife! by Boss13: 3:50pm On Apr 21
op is like don't marry for love, don't marry for this, don't marry for dat... what are we supposed to marry for then?

The advice was not for you. It’s for young men. Are you a man?


Family / Re: Boyfriend And Family by Boss13: 3:44pm On Apr 21
God bless you for this. I dont know why we Nigerians wont allow our oyibos find out truth themselves instead of acting like they know all. Give her likely reasons not giving wrong impression and assurances. Truth is a big thing for any relationship to thrive and succeed so miss trust your BF until ue proves otherwise. Never use other people's negative relationship experience to generalize it kills 5he relationship.

Very disgusting especially from sisiloge. She sounded like a stupid Arrow. You don’t know this people or the relationship dynamics, but want to sound like an expert. How stupid!!!!


Family / Re: Boyfriend And Family by Boss13: 3:42pm On Apr 21

I feel as if you didn't read my post but quoted. I said I'm not helping him get his citizenship in any manner. Zero help. And he knows that. We will be married after he gets it. We have discussed this. And the girl is 16 which means he would have conceived at 14 or 15. Is it normal for boys to be having babies that age? I know it can happen in America but it's not a thing. Anyways we are both too young for a teenager to be calling us mom and dad.

Please ignore the stupidity you read here. This forum is a terrible place to get advice and negatively affect your relationship. Can you imagine the advices you are getting from people who really don’t know and care about you.
Family / Re: Boyfriend And Family by Boss13: 3:40pm On Apr 21
grin grin grin grin

You bf is married in Nigeria. That was his son he introduced to you. Foreign women are considered dumbbb...they are mostly dumbb too. Normal naija woman would have decoded the encoded sharpsharp. Cheers.

Don’t say this without providing evidence. It’s really dumb

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