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Meet Gambia's New President Adama Barrow Two Wives (photos)
by Naijahelm. 4 posts & 323 views. 7:37am (EastGold)
Breaking:ecowas Troops Suspend Gambia Operation... Give Jammeh One More Chance
by pleadge. 1 post & 104 views. 7:34am (pleadge)
Gambia Political Crisis: The Summary For Now
by DjAndroid. 5 posts & 233 views. 7:28am (iAudio)
Is Trump Really Racist?
by Chiedu4Trump. 2 posts & 39 views. 7:28am (hisgrace090)
Man Removes Jammeh's Photo, Replaces With Barrow's Photo In His Office
by auntysimbiat. 8 posts & 373 views. 7:26am (ichommy)
Breaking: Former Gambian President Jammeh, Appoints New Cabinet
by richdaddy75. 13 posts & 650 views. 7:23am (angelTI)
Breaking: African Forces Suspend Military Operations In Gambia For Final Talks
by Donclaracuzo. 14 posts & 852 views. 6:47am (bestman09)
Photos From The Swearing In Ceremony Of Adama Barrow As Gambian President (1) (2) *
by AjayiWrites. 69 posts & 36578 views. 6:38am (EgunMogaji)
First Photo Of Nigeria & ECOWAS Troops Entering Gambia 2 Remove Yahya Jammeh
by sar33. 27 posts & 2528 views. 4:56am (Adminisher)
US President-elect Donald Trump's Agenda
by NellyKelly. 2 posts & 124 views. 2:42am (vioment)
VIDEO: Celebrations As Gambians Sweep Jammeh Off Road For Barrow’s Entry
by princessfmo. 6 posts & 126 views. 2:02am (Rapmaestro)
Thousands Of Whites Departing Gambia For The Fear Of Imminent War (pics) (1) *
by broseme. 57 posts & 30575 views. 1:46am (Tats)
Drug Lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Extradited From Mexico To US
by evy1. 4 posts & 112 views. 1:38am (tizzdi)
See The 17 Year Old Girl,sentenced To Life In Prison, For Raping A 19 Yo Man-pic
by sugarbelly. 13 posts & 235 views. 12:33am (kevinberry)
CNN:Obama Neglected Nigeria And Africa: Africans Have No Business Supporting Him
by Justcash. 6 posts & 164 views. 12:32am (seunny4lif)
"Capture Yahya Jammeh Alive Or Dead": ECOWAS Issues Last Command (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by auntysimbiat. 148 posts & 50312 views. 12:21am (ADAMUdaCOWBOY)
Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fires Back At Donald Trump
by robminds. 18 posts & 613 views. 12:15am (decode55)
2016 The Year Of Deplorable
by Onopa. 1 post & 12 views. 11:56pm On Jan 19 (Onopa)
VIDEO: Soldiers From Other ECOWAS Countries Occupy The Streets Of Gambia
by auntysimbiat. 17 posts & 868 views. 11:48pm On Jan 19 (darknetcom)
Senegalese Troops Install Barrow As Gambia’s president
by deantimes. 3 posts & 256 views. 11:46pm On Jan 19 (titjide)
Oops! Adama Barrow Addressed Nigeria As Republic Of Nigeria
by modsfucker. 13 posts & 810 views. 11:29pm On Jan 19 (Byko899)
This Is What The Agbaya Nigerian Army Is Hoping To Confront In Gambia
by VulgarVulvas. 32 posts & 446 views. 11:14pm On Jan 19 (darknetcom)
Gambian Army Chief Celebrates Swearing-in Of Adama Barrow On The Streets - Video
by LePrezident. 5 posts & 606 views. 11:12pm On Jan 19 (gr8cany)
Throwback: Jammeh Asking Gadaffi To Resign In 2011 (pictured)
by RoyalMail. 10 posts & 825 views. 11:01pm On Jan 19 (OkayChurchboy)
Barack Obama Leaves Office As 3rd Most Loved American President – POLL
by asamuedu. 3 posts & 248 views. 10:38pm On Jan 19 (vatiqan)
Gambian Government’s Website Features Barrow As President (1) *
by Larrykaysail. 48 posts & 20474 views. 10:21pm On Jan 19 (thexzy)
Breaking News: Gambia Mps Extend President Jammeh's Term (1) (2) (3) *
by Emassive. 120 posts & 27044 views. 10:19pm On Jan 19 (shammah1)
Switch Commander Or Be Regarded As Rebels, Barrow Warns Gambian Armed Forces
by SKYTREND. 1 post & 182 views. 10:18pm On Jan 19 (SKYTREND)
Gambia Army Chief Says Troops Will Not Fight Intervention (1) (2) *
by Dotng. 95 posts & 29296 views. 10:11pm On Jan 19 (EmilyShoton)
Gambia President: Google Reply (confused)
by IsThisChange. 2 posts & 234 views. 9:59pm On Jan 19 (femolacqua)
Senegal: Troops Enter Gambia In Effort To Get Jammeh To Go
by Joel3. 4 posts & 191 views. 9:56pm On Jan 19 (abtywo)
Even Google Is Confused About Who The President Of Gambia Is.
by fagbenrosam45. 3 posts & 282 views. 9:56pm On Jan 19 (AfroSisi)
Gambian CDS Celebrate With Crowd As ECOWAS Storm Gambia With USA Humvee Car(pics
by chie8. 3 posts & 768 views. 9:52pm On Jan 19 (Vision4God)
NEWSFLASH: Senegalese Troops Just Entered The Gambia
by mymadam. 12 posts & 931 views. 9:50pm On Jan 19 (AfroSisi)
Meet Yahaya Jammeh's Wife, Zeinab Suma (aka Gold Digger)
by modsfucker. 6 posts & 463 views. 9:41pm On Jan 19 (leofab)
ECOMIG Forces Heading To Gambia (video)
by rtmajayi. 15 posts & 184 views. 9:40pm On Jan 19 (leofab)
Botswana Becomes The First Country To Officially Denounce Yahya As President
by RiversWatchDog. 8 posts & 110 views. 9:39pm On Jan 19 (leofab)
10 Artist Performing On Trump's Inauguration
by konfidential. 4 posts & 394 views. 9:32pm On Jan 19 (mekuso89)
Gambian's Airport And Ports Filled Up As 1000s People Seek Way To Fly Out (pics (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by tiwaz. 170 posts & 56200 views. 9:32pm On Jan 19 (Cityguy)
Their Military Strength Of Gambia (1) (2) *
by okpismart. 83 posts & 48556 views. 9:31pm On Jan 19 (Babacele)
Man Who Mocked Michelle Obama's, Allegedly Suspended From His Job For 3 Weeks (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by Hygist. 132 posts & 23015 views. 9:30pm On Jan 19 (Cityguy)
Gambia: ECOWAS Troops Enter Gambia Without Any Resistace (video)
by LePrezident. 1 post & 143 views. 9:20pm On Jan 19 (LePrezident)
For Every $1 Aid Developing Countries Get, They Lose $24 To The Developed World
by highrise07. 2 posts & 48 views. 9:02pm On Jan 19 (highrise07)
Breaking: Senegalese Troops Enter The Gambia
by joedams. 4 posts & 337 views. 9:02pm On Jan 19 (talk2hb1)
ADAMA BARROW A Die Hard Gunner..pic
by ninjasta. 1 post & 165 views. 9:02pm On Jan 19 (ninjasta)
Africas Longest Ruling Head-of-state
by themall. 2 posts & 73 views. 8:51pm On Jan 19 (Justdulla)
Earthquakes: 30 People Dead As Italian Ski Hotel Is Buried By Avalanche.
by Explorers. 16 posts & 273 views. 8:45pm On Jan 19 (UnlimitedIfex)
Obama Says Goodbye In Last Presidential Speech
by donogaga. 1 post & 29 views. 8:37pm On Jan 19 (donogaga)
Barrow Sworn In At Senegal As Gambian President
by Rushmore. 3 posts & 23 views. 8:28pm On Jan 19 (SmartyPants)
Michelle Obama Takes Her Last Walk Through The White House (video) (1) *
by SexyBabe001. 50 posts & 34424 views. 8:23pm On Jan 19 (AuroraB)
Gambian State House Website Displays Adama Barrow As Country’s New President
by fagbenrosam45. 2 posts & 97 views. 8:14pm On Jan 19 (sonofthunder)
How Obama Introduced "Change Mantra" in African Politics
by Eastactivist. 1 post & 41 views. 7:56pm On Jan 19 (Eastactivist)
Adama Barrow Being Sworn-in As Gambian President
by bnanzip. 1 post & 79 views. 7:33pm On Jan 19 (bnanzip)
See Photos Of Adama Barrow Taking Oath Of Office As Gambian President
by broseme. 9 posts & 692 views. 7:15pm On Jan 19 (FellepHq)
Breaking!!! Gambian Navy Abandons Jammeh, Swears Allegiance To Another
by Stephychiky. 5 posts & 189 views. 7:10pm On Jan 19 (mengho)
Adama Barrow To Be Sworn In At The Gambian Embassy In Senegal (1) (2) *
by Buhari2019. 72 posts & 20715 views. 7:05pm On Jan 19 (nwakibie3)
BREAKING NEWS: Adama Barrow Sworn In As Gambian President
by 247NaijaNews. 3 posts & 204 views. 7:04pm On Jan 19 (MrShine)
Study In Cotonou.....nursing,business Admin,arts,computer Sci. Etc. - Educationa
by adepojufeyi. 5 posts & 2938 views. 7:04pm On Jan 19 (Wohdatrick)
UK Congratulates President Barrow
by akinzeb. 7 posts & 299 views. 6:59pm On Jan 19 (Teacher1776)
Yahya Jammeh: A President Who Is Far Richer Than His Country (Pics)
by Blacksodje. 8 posts & 1398 views. 6:55pm On Jan 19 (Boomboost)
Picture Of Barrow Being Sworn-in As Gambian President.
by jammyunn. 3 posts & 55 views. 6:38pm On Jan 19 (Luckylife)
Adama Barrow About To Be Sworn In At The Gambia Embassy In Senegal (photo)
by tiwaz. 8 posts & 120 views. 6:04pm On Jan 19 (vatiqan)
Famous Footballer Named In Terror Watch List.
by dammyloye. 1 post & 49 views. 5:38pm On Jan 19 (dammyloye)
Trump Apologizes For Lewd Comments But Calls Footage A ‘distraction’
by daviesblaze. 1 post & 75 views. 5:09pm On Jan 19 (daviesblaze)

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